Great Gatsby Style With Deco Noir Events

Timeless Glamour and Art Deco opulence with Deco Noir Events

Fancy an art deco airstream or an antique grand piano bar to make an appearance at your next event? Of course you do. TOAST chats to Samantha Goodall, Founder and Creative Director of Deco Noir, to learn more about their incredible collection of what she intriguingly describes as ‘nomadic liquor saloons’.

To describe Deco Noir as multi-faceted would be an understatement. Firstly, they’ve got a show-stopping art deco airstream bar called Lola and an amazing antique grand piano called Monty, who serves up cocktails as well as music. Then there’s the pop-up lounge tents, space design and dressing consultancy, a collection of gloriously authentic props as well as a selection of photo booths, neatly nestled inside converted 1930s drinks cabinets. The mind boggles in the most brilliant way; luckily Deco Noir founder and Creative Director Samantha Goodall is on hand to elucidate further.

Deco Noir is basically a boutique events company that specialises in creative design and taking something done one way a million times and doing something a little different with it!” she explains.

We have two real focuses in our company; people and design. We essentially use design to make people happy! And the name came from a mixture of Art Deco and film Noir - I also love the way the word Noir forms in your mouth - it just sounded chic and fun to me, and that’s what I wanted this company to be all about!”

Having originally trained as a singer, Samantha was forced to take a break at the age of 21, which in turn gave her the opportunity to discover what other interests might be out there for her, other than what she describes as ‘singing and jaffa cakes’. Samantha’s first great passion came in the form of interior design, which led her to design and single-handedly build her very own cute little crêperie in Wimbledon, South West London, and it was here that the roots of Deco Noir started to form…

I started throwing jazz nights and private events at my little crêperie, and that’s when I discovered my passion for ‘creating an atmosphere’. I was known for a while as the singing chef because I would sing your song request while cooking your crêpes!” Samantha laughs.

“I realised that I wanted to make people feel something when they see the spaces/bars that I design - be it happy, excited, stimulated or relaxed. Now I use a mixture of music, lighting and interesting furniture with precise layouts, attention to detail and music to create the effect - it could be a pop-up lounge with hanging umbrellas, giant palms, Ella Fitzgerald and oodles of personality, or a clean chic black and white vibe with chilled lounge music!”

Deco Noir Bar Night Time

Deco Noir Bar

And so Deco Noir was born, and the first addition to creative queen Samantha’s fabulous nomadic fold was Lola – a gorgeous 1950s Airsteam which she lovingly (and painstakingly) converted into the ultimate high-end feature bar, complete with designer fabrics, walnut burr and gold leaf walls, a working fireplace with cream Aston Martin leather seats, authentic vintage props, an optional photobooth and more.

Lola was a HUGE project, but an airstream just seemed like the ultimate classy nomadic-mobile to me! I took one look at her and fell in love. She was a shell when I got her and I did most of the work myself. She nearly broke me and it took almost a year to complete, but I was so happy with the result!!” explains Samantha.  

I’ve always loved mixing silver and gold so I wanted to make her inside gold to complement the silver outside. I wanted her to have a nod of the fabulous Art Deco direction but also be able to work in more modern areas too. The gold leaf was from a cocktail I had at the American bar at the Savoy, and the fireplace was purely a luxury thing!”

Decobar Outdoors

Deco Noir 1920S

This Art Deco direction that Samantha mentions can be found in many corners of her stylish business; from ‘Monty’ the antique Broadwood grand piano bar complete with dashing barman and working keys, gorgeous curved mirrored bars made from solid wood that work whether you’re after a vintage look or more modern feel, and wonderful props such as a lovely old gramophone, a solid brass vintage ice bucket in the shape of a pineapple, sumptuous red velvet drapes, a chest of vintage furs, palms trees, old suitcases and more – basically everything you need to create a rip roaring art deco do.

The Art Deco era was particularly visually magnificent! The geometric shapes, the use of black and white, gold and silver - it’s all so decadent and stylish. In my eyes it didn’t have to be a ‘vintage’ thing - its beauty is utterly timeless and with small adaptations can look very modern and chic. It’s just so darn classy!” Samantha enthuses.

But we don’t just do Art Deco - with the space dressing side of our company growing rapidly, we can take any brief and make that work in a fun, approachable but stylish way. I just completed a project where my brief was ‘summer fun’ - pink, gold and grey triangles on a frame, palm trees, gold and silver beach balls and a giant pink inflatable flamingo called Florence made our areas a hit with the Instagram brigade and proved we are not a one trick pony!” she laughs

Deco Noir GT Bar

Other commercial events that Deco Noir have recently conquered with their sensational style and friendly approach include various festivals including the Goodwood Festival of Speed and Henley Festival, the British Style Collective (formerly know as The Clothes Show), as well as being the go-to photo booth for London’s Old Vic Theatre, taking centre stage at their various opening nights and press parties.

London Cocktail Week in collaboration with Fever-Tree was also a great one!” Samantha beams. “We were competing with a lot of experiential bars where corporate money had just been thrown at these units, and then in rolled Lola with her photo booth, leather and teak director chairs, electro swing on full blast, Hollywood search lights coming out the top of her and a smoke machine button that guests got to press, with apparent delight! We were nominated for a Restaurant and Design award for that one!”

“We also do a lot of VIP hostility but whichever side of the red ropes we are serving, everyone is a VIP at Deco Noir! We use old fashioned charm to make everyone feel special and cared for.”

Deco Noir Tent

Deconoir Photobooth

Tents Deco Noir

Piano Bar Deco Noir 

Of course private events are also catered for with open arms, as Samantha says – ‘both big brands and private clients want a bit of Lola in their life!’. And thanks to the moveable nature of Deco Noir’s ‘nomadic liquor saloons’ they can roam and wander far and wide across the country, adding some serious style and unforgettable wow factor to any occasion.

We are not just a fully-functioning, professional bar, we are a whole feature area” explains Sam. “What are people saying during the event? What are they saying after the event? What were the talking points? Was the bar some gloomy looking local lad handing over soggy beer bottles from the ice box who keeps staring at his phone, or was it a giant airstream Art Deco trailer with gold leaf walls and a fabulous photo booth pushing out fun pictures for you to take home and pop on the fridge?!” 

Quite. And aside from the luscious Lola, magnificent Monty all the fabulous props, Deco Noir also have several pop-up lounge options which are great for parties of all shapes and sizes (and even better when paired up with Lola…); whether in an open field, by a picturesque lake or even your back garden, their super smart canvas stretch tent is designed with versatility in mind, and once Samantha has dressed it with imaginative props and lavish plants, it will be the art deco hangout of your dreams.

I try to stay away from the usual ‘event’ furniture and I love to fill the tents with Persian rugs, hanging umbrellas, red velvet poles and palms, palms, palms! I love a good palm!” laughs Samantha.

Part of the fun is making something a little different. It still needs to function, so a lounge needs seats and the bar needs to be able to serve people well but my question is always - how can I make it a little surprising? We often hear people talking about our lounges and taking pictures saying things like ‘‘wow I’d never have thought of doing that with an umbrella’ or ‘yay a photo booth, hand me that trumpet!’”

And so it is understandable that the popularity of Deco Noir continues to grow; their dry hire of Lola, Monty and their fabulous lounges has tripled this year alone, and the design and space dressing consultancy side of the business is really hotting up too.

Our team is rapidly growing to keep up with demand and we’re thrilled it’s going this way - it’s all very exciting!” enthuses Samantha.  

And we are extremely proud of our rapidly growing reputation in the industry of being genuine and nice to work with at every level of a project. For my guys it’s more than a job, it’s the kind of person you want to be in life - to have integrity and to produce things that you are proud of. That’s what makes us happy - creativity, purpose and achievement.”


Deconoir 1920S

For more information and contact details for Deco Noir, you can visit their page in TOAST’s Little Black Book. 


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by Sophie Farrah
on on 20 July 2017

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