Children's Birthday Cake Making Made Easy

Craft & Crumb cake kits make home baking easy

There are a multitude of talented bakers out there able to create the most imaginative and beautiful cakes to suit any occasion, but sometimes it’s fun to give it a go yourself. But if you’re scared that it might end up not quite looking guest-ready, and your children left far from impressed, then fear not, because Craft & Crumb’s genius cake kits are here to help.

First things first – you need to pick your chosen design, and Craft & Crumb have a wonderful selection.  ‘The Horse Carousel’, covered in marshmallows is a real show-stopper, as is the amazing ‘Sweet Shop’ cake. We also love the ‘Up Up and Away’ cake too – but to be honest they are all pretty awesome, from the ‘Rainbow Unicorn’ and ‘Under The Sea’ to ‘Army Soldiers’ and ‘Dinosaur Land’! All of their designs are stylish, fun and totally unique.

Your complete cake kit then arrives delivered to your door, containing everything that you need to bake and decorate the perfect cake – from disposable pans, cake mix and icing sugar for your buttercream, to colouring, the cake board and all the decorations you’ll need to create your chosen design. And of course - a step by step guide! 

The only thing you’ll need to do is add is the fresh ingredients like eggs and butter, get baking and watch your guests’ jaws drop open and the children’s eyes light up when you present your masterpiece at the table!

If you’ve already got your own special cake recipe then Craft & Crumb also sell Cake Decorating Kits, which include the decorations only.

Craft And Crumb Cake Kits Lion

Fairytale Cake Craft Crumb

Craft Crumb Cake Kits Themes

Craft And Crumb Cake Kit Trio

Our Verdict:

Brilliant kits for effortless homemade cakes that are guaranteed to impress!

Where you can buy them:

Direct from Craft & Crumb's website www.craftandcrumb.com


Prices start from £24.00 each complete with all of the equipment and items you need to make these enchanting cakes. 

For more information on Craft & Crumbs, take a look at their profile in our Little Black Book

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