Forget Valentines, let’s celebrate ‘Galentines Day‘

‘Ladies Celebrating Ladies’

If you’ve ever experienced that sinking feeling of sitting at your desk and peering over your computer screen on 14th February as the delivery guy with a box of roses walks towards you for the fifth time that morning, but carries on straight past to the beaming girl behind, you may be one of the millions of women today who suffer Valentines day blues.

But thanks to Leslie Knope, a character in the American sitcom Parks and Recreation, us ladies may never need to feel this way again, as February 13th is now being billed ‘Galentine’s Day’ - a new celebration of friendship being embraced by British Women.

Traditionally celebrated the day before Valentines Day, ‘Galentines Day’ is the day for ‘ladies to celebrate ladies’.  That’s right, forget waiting for a man to stump up the goods and spoil you with flowers and chocolates, no, today’s independent women are doing it for themselves using ‘Galentine’s Day’ as an opportunity to celebrate and surprise one another with flowers. 

According to online florist Bloom and Wild, over a quarter of bouquets bought around Valentines are now being bought ‘by women for women’, and arranged for delivery a day early. This new trend in females celebrating their friendships is not only a warm and fluffy act of kindness, but also has its advantages in providing the perfect way to forget what could have been the usual Valentines Day dread, and we are wholeheartedly in favour of this new sprinkling of love.

Of course, for many it need not stop there, and thanks to the influence from our friends across the pond, Galentines Day is being celebrated in a variety of ways in Britain. From cocktails and champagne nights to pink parties and dinners, Galentines Day is now the perfect excuse to get together with your girlfriends.

One of the advantages of Galentines Day, is there can be no mystery, misunderstandings or furtive whispering behind doors – these are for the girls – boys not needed!

So grab your ladies together and plan an overindulgent day of fun this Galentines Day!

To help you celebrate we put together our guide to the perfect ways to celebrate Galentines Day here.