How To Create Larry Walshe's Rose Love Knot

Larry Walshe’s step-by-step-guide to creating his beautiful Rose Love Knot

Red roses are a traditional symbol of passion and romantic love – so if you’re planning a surprise for your Valentine this year then what could be better than a stylish bunch of these amorous blooms? Here expert floral designer Larry Walshe shares his step-by-step guide to creating his beautifully luxurious Rose Knot bouquet at home just in time ask to your love.... ‘Will You Be My Valentine?’

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Larry Walshe knows lots about flowers

and he’s here to teach you!



As our 'Inspire Me' feature with expert floral designer Larry Walshe has just highlighted, there are few more romantic or pleasing gestures than giving (or receiving…) a beautiful bunch of flowers on Valentine’s Day. 

Larry is one of Britain's premier luxury floral designers known for creating opulent, memorable and dramatic floral displays at some of the top weddings and events across the globe; his clients include some of the world’s top celebs and certain members of royalty, no less. Lucky for us, Larry has shared his step-by-step guide to creating his beautifully luxurious Rose Knot bouquet with TOAST readers, so that you can make your very own for that someone special*

*Or, you could always email this page to someone if you want to drop a massive hint….

How To Create A Rose Love Knot Bouquet With Larry Walshe  

“Creating a hand tied bouquet is a methodical process,” explains Larry.

“If you add individual blooms in the same sequence and turn the design slightly in the same direction each time you add a flower, you should ensure that you won’t place the same flowers next to each other as the bouquet develops. 

"The binding point determines the size of the bouquet; if you hold the stems lower down, the arrangement will be loose and the stems will be longer. A slightly higher binding point (holding the flowers about halfway to two-thirds of the way up their stems) will create a more compact bouquet, which is perfect for the Rose Knot design I am going to talk you through below”   

What you will need

  • Flowers - (Select a variety of Roses from your local florist so they are as fresh as possible) 
  • Florist Twine
  • Florist Scissors

The Method 

Step 1 

  • Select your flower stems.  For a rose knot, we recommend between 3-4 rose varieties, making sure one of those is a spray rose as this will add depth and texture to the overall look. 
  • Condition your stems – taking each stem, remove all the leaves and thorns.  Place each variety into a pile ready to assemble.
  • Keep your scissors & twine to hand

Larry Walshe Step 1 Rose Knot

Step 2

  • Select one of your largest roses; this will become the focal flower for the centre of the bouquet. Hold this approximately half way down the flower stem in your left hand if you are right-handed and vice versa if you are left-handed. 

Larry Walshe Step 2

Step 3 

  • Taking another rose from your pile, place this across the current stem in your hand at an angle at the point where your thumb rests.  Turn anticlockwise in your hand slightly and repeat. 

  • Continue to place individual flowers into the design, turning the bunch slightly in the same direction after you have added each bloom. 

  • If the design is becoming heavy, roughly trim the longer stems slightly but don’t cut the stems too short as you will trim these properly later on.  As the design builds up, you should start to see that all of your stems are spiralling. 

  • Once you have almost complete your bouquet, look at the top of the bunch and check the position of the flowers and balance of colours.  Arrange the flowers on the outside of the bouquet so that they are slightly lower than those in the centre of the design in order to create a domed shape. 

Larry Walshe Step 3 Cross

Step 4

  • Once finished, take a length of florist twine and wrap this tightly around the binding point; immediately above your hand.  Secure in a knot and trim of the excess.  

Larry Walshe Step By Step Rose Knot Step 5

Step 5

  • Now your design is secure, put your hands around all of the stems and cut across in a straight line to remove any unnecessary long stems.  Doing this will allow the bunch to stand up perfectly in a vase.

  • Keep it in water until you are ready to present it to your loved one.

Larry Walshe Step By Step Love Knot

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

To learn more about Larry Walshe take a look at our recent Spotlight interview with him over on TheEdit and for more of Larry’s top tips on achieving truly fabulous florals this Valentine’s Day, including how to select the perfect pre-arranged bouquet, then check out TOAST’s Inspire Me with the man himself, over on TheEdit now. 

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