Fancy Pants

Personalised Reason's 'I Fancy Your Pants' Notes

Looking for a fun way to tell your crush why you fancy the pants off them this Valentines? Or perhaps just want be a bit cheeky with your other half? These fantastic personalised 'Reasons Why I Fancy Your Pants' notes will guarantee to give them butterflies in their stomachs and make them blush!

Whether it's someone you've been crushing on for a while or you want to remind the love of your life exactly what you fancy about them, Bread & Jam's fun and cheeky 'I Fancy Your Pants' notes are the perfect way to express your feelings this Valentines. 

Each box contains ten glass tubes with individual notes printed onto luxurious metalic paper and folded neatly to maintain secrecy until they are opened. 

With ten tubes they make the perfect gift together or great to hide as individuals hints and reminders if you're planning a surprise. 

If you do give them as a complete set, you can also add another little note to the vellum cover under the title, and choose between blue and hot pink paper for the girl or guy in your life. 

Fancy Pants Notes

Our Verdict:

A fun and cheeky way to declare your unrequited love this Valentines, or just to make your love giggle!

Where Can You Buy them?

Bread and Jam - you can also take a look at their profile on our Little Black Book 



How you can personalise each set:

Just let the guysknow your top 10 reasons why you love your crush and they'll make an extra special luxury set for you to give or to send.

Made from: paper, glass, cork and board

Box size: 13.5cm x 13.5cm x 1.5cm


Posted in The Notebook

by Must Have
on on 07 February 2017

  alternative valentines, crush gifts, valentines gift

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