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TOAST gets down on one knee with bespoke proposal planners The Proposers.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is well and truly in the air. TOAST caught up with Daisy Amodio, founder of expert marriage proposal and romantic events planning service The Proposers to learn more about how she’s helped thousands of romantics get down on one knee in extravagant style. Plus - her top proposal dos and don’ts, if you’re planning to take the plunge and pop the question yourself!

Gone are the days of getting down on one shaky knee in the corner of a dimly lit ‘romantic’ restaurant, before nervously spluttering the words ‘will you marry me?’. Now it’s all about carefully rehearsed flash mobs, surprise bespoke bus tours and even cats in, um, fancy dress when it comes to popping all-important question.

“Yes, I have dressed cats up as waiters for a client whose girlfriend loved cats! I have also abseiled into a cave with a table, chairs and candles to create a romantic dinner for two!” explains Daisy Amodio, founder of bespoke marriage proposal and romantic events planning service, The Proposers.

“Sometimes we are asked to do really random things, like hire squirrels to bring over the ring. Some requests are initially quite difficult to manage, but we always make our clients dreams a reality - it really is one of the happiest jobs in the world!”

After initially helping her brother to plan out how he was going to pop the question, Daisy decided that she wanted to continue to help men and women all over the world realise their fairy-tale proposal dreams.

“My brother didn’t have a creative bone in his body so it made me think - if he’s struggling with ideas for what to do for his proposal, there must be loads of other people out there in the same position.” she explains. 

And so, with a degree and masters in Business, 10 years experience in a creative industry and an endless passion for love and romance, Daisy set-up the first ever proposal-planning company in the UK and Europe – The Proposers.

After a couple gets engaged the first question they are asked is, “How did you propose?” she explains. “Today getting down on one knee just isn’t enough for a lot of people - they want to have a story which they can tell and show off to friends and family for years to come.”

And if it’s a story that you’re after – you’ve come to the right place. Enlist the help of Daisy and her team and there are no limitations; from a speedboat down the Thames to zip lining through the rainforest, a billboard in Times Square to the perfect personalised picnic in your local park (complete with dogs dressed as Disney characters…). No proposal idea is too big or too small, too weird or too wonderful.

“Recently we created a flash mob proposal in the centre of Covent Garden with over 40 dancers, to Bruno Mars’ ‘Marry Me’, which everyone loved!” exclaims Daisy. 

“And last year we travelled to Geneva where we created an enchanted proposal in the middle of the mountains overlooking a lake. A string quartet performed for the couple as our client got down on one knee and asked his girlfriend to marry him. The whole proposal was breath-taking!”

The Proposers Manor House

(Image: The Proposers Stately Home Proposal)

There’s no doubt that this is all very imaginative and impressive stuff, but I have to ask the question - why? What is wrong with a good, old-fashioned straightforward proposal?

I think that the trend of extravagant proposals has risen with the increase of social media. In a way it has turned into a bit of a competition to see who can have the best proposal, because everyone can see what is going on in your life so easily now, whereas in the past this wasn’t the case.” Daisy explains.

“Popular proposals tend to relate to what is trending at the time - for example, at the end of last year we saw a lot of mannequin challenge proposals. Flash mobs have been very popular in the past, but I think today it is becoming more popular to see romantic intimate proposals with rose petals, candles and fairy lights in iconic locations or places with fantastic views - we create a lot of proposals in Tower Bridge and The Shard in London because of the incredible views, and the fact that our clients can come back and visit their proposal spot for years to come.” 

The Proposers

(Image: Tower Bridge Proposal) 

The Proposers Sky Line

(Image: The Shangri-La Suite Proposal)

Two years after helping with her brother’s proposal Daisy landed her own TV show for Sky, documenting the inventive work of The Proposers. Since then she has completed over a staggering 1000 romantic proposals – and you’ll be pleased to hear that no one has ever said no. Despite having helped so many people pop the question, each imaginative proposal organised by The Proposers is completely unique; something that Daisy believes is key to success, not just in business but also in the proposal itself.

“After each proposal we ask our client’s partner what they loved the most, and they always say that it is the personalisation involved - whether that is a romantic note attached to a long stemmed red rose, or a scrapbook full of memories,” enthuses Daisy.

“The perfect marriage proposal is one that is all about that individual couple, so we like to find out as much as we can about our client and their partner before we begin the planning process, so that we cay really tailor the proposal to them.”

The Proposers Movie

The Proposers Horsguards

(Image: The Umbrella Proposal)

The Proposers Picnic

The Proposers

The Proposers Romance

Whether you already have the big idea and just need help planning it, or maybe you’re completely stumped and need some inspiration, The Proposers can help you create and make any proposal a reality. And even when you’ve taken the plunge and popped the question, the romance doesn’t need to end there… 

“Our romance concierge service is for people who are already engaged, married, or for anyone who wants to do something romantic for their partner really! We can help with birthdays, anniversaries, date nights, weddings…” Daisy explains.

“We can arrange anything from a wine and cheese night in the comfort of your own home, to a ride in the actual speedboat used in James Bond!!

The romantic opportunities are endless it seems, and speaking of romantic opportunities - Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, which means that the shops are already filled with red roses, heart-shaped chocolates and a multitude of other love-themed paraphernalia to choose from. But despite its sometimes cheesy reputation, Daisy believes that Valentine’s Day is still a great opportunity to get down on one knee.  

“Some people may think that it is a cliché, but according to a survey 23% of women have said that they would like to be proposed to on Valentine’s Day!” she exclaims.  “And I’m not surprised - it is the most romantic day of the year after all!”

And so if you’re planning to pop the question any time soon then read on for Daisy’s top tips and expert advice; with over 1000 romantic proposals and a 100% YES success rate under her belt – she definitely knows what she is talking about.

The Proposers - Expert Do's and Don'ts 

  • Make it personalised. It’s all about the detail. There’s no point proposing at a football stadium if your partner hates football. It doesn’t need to cost the earth but make sure you put a little effort into it. If she loves pink roses, then fill your home with them. 

  • Choose the right location. Think of the location and weather beforehand - there may be an event happening that could ruin your proposal, or it might be raining on the day! Always have a back-up plan and make sure both places are meaningful!  

  • Capture it on film. In this day and age, everyone loves pictures and adding to social media. Make sure you capture this once-in-a-lifetime moment, so you can share with your friends and family (even grandchildren!) time and time again. 

  • Include friends and/or family. You might want everyone you know there to celebrate but make sure you A) know that the answer will be a yes! and B) Practice what you want to say – just saying those four famous words is pressure enough, without worrying about what the family might think!

  • Get down on one knee. It’s traditional and ladies love it. Plus – it makes an awesome photo!


  • Propose in public if your partner is a shy timid person. A dancing flash mob in Covent Garden with a thousand people watching isn’t for you!! Make sure it’s private or in a place that’s just about the two of you. Likewise if you want to declare your love from the rooftops then go for it, everyone loves to see a romantic proposal.  

  • Go cheap on your proposal - the budget shouldn't just be for the ring, the most important part is getting a yes, so make it special. We’re not saying break the bank but really think about the story. 

  • Use generic ideas from the Internet - these are not special or unique in any way. Don't base your proposal on your likes, it's all about your loved one's likes. 

  • Propose without a ring. If you’re not sure what ring to buy then propose with a stand-in ring and go ring shopping together. He or she will have to wear the ring for the rest of their life so you need to get it right, but proposing without some kind of ring just won’t do! We work with a family run jewellers called Purely Diamonds so we can offer our clients help with that too!

  • Wait until the last minute. Yes, it can be done (we've done it!) but we wouldn't recommend it. You only get one chance to do it and your partner is worth the effort, so take your time. Remember - a ring can be upgraded, but a story can't. 

The Proposers specialise in marriage proposals, but they also offer a romance concierge service and can help plan other romantic events such as anniversaries, birthdays, date nights and weddings. For more information visit their page in TOAST’s Little Black Book.


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by Sophie Farrah
on on 31 January 2017

  engagement, proposal, proposal planning

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