Mei Mei Street Cart

Mei Mei's Proper Chinese comfort food

Looking for some authentic, stylish catering for your Chinese New Year celebrations (or for any other party you might be planning for that matter)? Well look no further…

Mel & Oli are Chinese-American twins born and raised in London, with a shared obsession for cooking, eating and sharing what they describe as ‘proper Chinese comfort food’ - a million light-years away from greasy chow meins.

The duo’s mission is to change the way Chinese food is eaten in the UK by serving up tasty Chinese dishes made entirely from scratch, all inspired by their grandma's cooking. Ever heard of a jian bing? Well, it’s a traditional Beijing street food dish, often eaten for breakfast or as a late night snack with a beer or two, and it is one of Mei Mei’s many tasty Chinese treats.

Garlic friend chicken with spicy mayo, char siu BBQ pork or 5-spiced aubergine is wrapped in a soy milk crepe, which is also stuffed with coriander, spring onion, egg, chili, hoisin, soy bean, and won ton cracker (naturally).

Comfort food on another (Chinese) level. 


Meimei Map

Our Verdict:

A truly original and deliciously authentic trendy Chinese caterer.  

Where you can hire them:

Mei Mei’s Street Cart is available for private hire, take a look at their profile in our Little Black Book for more details.  


Prices vary – see Mei Mei’s page in our Little Black Book for more info and contact details. 

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