Guilt Free Dinner Party

TOAST’s guide to a guilt free dinner party, with gourmet caterers Anson and Curtis

December is a time when we all over indulge but that doesn’t mean that the start of the year has to be bereft of delicious dinner parties, oh no. Here is TOAST’s guide to throwing a guilt-free dinner do, featuring a delicious (but healthy!) menu specially created by gourmet caterers Anson and Curtis.

When I think of a dinner party I immediately imagine an indulgent 3-course feast, lashings of wine and feeling so full (and fat) by the end of it all that I can barely imagine eating for days (ok, maybe hours). But a dinner party doesn’t always have to be a blow out, and following the indulgences of Christmas most people are craving something a little lighter. 

The start of the year often heralds New Year diets, health kicks and detox plans, meaning that most shut themselves indoors, away from any temptations, and rarely socialise which seems a shame, especially after the fun of the festive season and the start of a New Year. So why not make a few calls and invite a group round for a guilt free dinner party? Read on for TOAST’s guide to doing just that, plus gourmet caterers Anson and Curtis’ nourishing 3-course menu. 

Who said healthy had to mean boring?!



The New Year is all about a fresh start, and so your table should feel light, bright, clean and optimistic. Colour experts and all-round trendsetters Pantone have just announced their chosen colour for 2017 and it’s called Greenery. They describe it as ‘a refreshing and revitalizing shade’ and ‘symbolic of new beginnings’, so it is the perfect addition to the guilt-free dinner party table.

Made in Portugal, Habitat’s stylish SINTRA range of green tableware is made from stoneware covered in a reactive glaze, which is what gives it its beautiful emerald hue, plus the nature of the glaze means that each piece is unique. Invest in the set or just one or two platters for a sophisticated splash of colour. 

Habitat SINTRA

Price from £8, from Habitat

For a more classic, feminine style Portmeirion’s beautiful Water Garden range of tableware features beautiful shades of green combined with pretty floral prints set against a clean white background. The range includes plates of all sizes, platters, cutlery, coasters, cake stands and more – so you can add just a few pieces to a neutral table, or go for several items for maximum impact.

Portmeirion Tableware Water Garden 

Price from £15, Portmeirion


If you don’t fancy updating your tableware then how about some new glassware to celebrate the New Year’s chosen colour? This sumptuous collection of High Dolce Vita Green Glassware from Mario Luca Giusti is unique for many reasons; namely that it’s not actually made from glass! Each sophisticated piece has in fact been crafted from high quality acrylic that imitates the natural beauty of solid crystal, adding practical benefits and making it far more affordable than traditional crystal. Choose from elegant wine glasses, champagne flutes and beautifully chunky tumblers all in a gorgeous emerald green colour.

Dolce Vita Glaasware Image From Amara LivingPrice from £12.50 www.amara.com

Emerald Ambiance

Candles create a beautiful, calming ambience and are always a must when entertaining. For a bit of bling then light up a couple of Swarovski’s Shimmer Tea Light Holders in green, which are embellished with hundreds of Swarovski crystals that will add real twinkle to your table. For a more minimal approach, Littala’s Emerald Kivi Tealight holder understated, and a lovely rich and opulent shade of green. The colour and thickness increases flickers and enhances the glow of the flame.

Swarovski And Trouva Emerald Tealight 

Price from £35 each, Swarovski and Emerald Kivi Tealight, £12 from Trouva. Finally, potted hyacinths or a vase of simple spring flowers such as tulips add a stylish, cheerful touch.                  

If you have any ideas that you’d like brought to life by an expert, TOAST’s Little Black Book is filled with talented tablescape experts who hire out sumptuous linens, luxury cutlery, unusual props and more. Check out Vintage Gold China, Gilded Linens, and Linen and Lace, amongst others.

The Drinks

When your guests arrive why not treat them to a cold glass of Thomson & Scott’s Skinny Champagne or Prosecco? Rich, silky and balanced on the tongue, their Skinny Champagne Grand Cru Brut contains an impressive 0.1g of sugar per litre, but with the richness of taste gained from four years plus ageing. Their Skinny Prosecco is certified as both organic and vegan and contains 7g of sugar per litre – considerably less than the norm.

Skinny Prosecco

Skinny Champagne £50, Skinny Prosecco £18. Both per bottle from Thomson and Scott 

As it’s a guilt free dinner party – have plenty of still and fizzy water on hand so that guests can stay hydrated, and create a slightly less naughty white wine spritzer if they please.

And for those very good guests looking to avoid alcohol all together - why not create some jugs of fresh fruit water? Not only do these taste great but they also look gorgeous too. LSA’s BAR Cocktail Jug & Stirrer is perfect for serving up a refreshing lemon and mint combination, as is their sophisticated UTLITY Jug with Ash Coaster.

LSA International

LSA BAR Jug and Stirrer, £36, and the LSA UTLITY Jug with Ash Coaster. £30. Combine zesty flavours such as oranges and limes with refreshing herbs such as fresh mint and rosemary. Other tasty combinations include;

  • Cucumber and mint
  • Strawberry, lemon, and basil
  • Watermelon and mint
Jamie Oliver also has a quick and easy recipe for you to try at home, take a look at his recipe

The Menu

Healthy does not have to mean boring, oh no. Gourmet caterers Anson and Curtis have designed a healthy dinner party menu especially for TOAST!


Whipped Goats Cheese with Thyme, Sherry Marinated Beetroot and Toasted Walnut
Find full recipe here: 


Classic Tuna Niçoise Salad
Find full recipe here:


Red Wine Poached Pear with Vanilla Cream and a Caramel Shard
Find full recipe here:

Anson And Curtis Menu

All recipes can be found over on TheEdit now.

For more information about Anson and Curtis then have a look at TOAST’s recent Spotlight interview with the talented duo, or you can visit their page in TOAST’s Little Black Book.

To Finish 

After the meal serve up some caffeine free herbal teas; Pukka’s Detox tea is the perfect end to any guilt-free dinner party, as is JING’s flowering jasmine and lily tea which is not only delicious but looks beautiful when served in glass cups (we love these from Bodum).

Pukka Detox Tea

JING Flowering Jasmine & Lily, 50g £9, Pukka Detox Tea £2.49 

For all of the recipes from this menu and to hear more from our experts Anson and Curtis, head over to TheEdit now. 


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