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A tasty 2017 health kick with Rock My Bowl

New Year, New You? TOAST chats to Rock My Bowl founder and all round healthy-eating Goddess Rebecca Rhodes-Evans, and gets her top tips and expert advice on creating your very own tasty 2017 health kick, starting with breakfast.

The last time TOAST caught up with Rebecca Rhodes-Evans (you can see our Spotlight interview with her here) she had only just recently launched her revolutionary breakfast business, Rock My Bowl. Her selection of gourmet porridges, bountiful birchers and super food-packed ‘Power Bowls’ have changed the face of the first meal of the day, and her pop-up breakfast/brunch service continues to delight offices, co-working spaces, wellness events, gyms, food markets, train stations, festivals and anywhere else in between.

Rock My Bowl’s mission is to make a homemade, healthy breakfast available to everyone, using a selection of grains, dairy free milks and inventive seasonal toppings. Their savoury miso porridge, topped with an egg, coriander and chopped pistachios became the stuff of legend across numerous UK festivals last year, whilst their sweeter offering topped with shredded apple, yoghurt, maple syrup, almond butter and toasted hazelnuts attracted crowds to their stand at London’s foodie mecca Druid Street Market.

Founder Rebecca is a font of healthy-eating knowledge; here, she talks to TOAST about why breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, and shares her top tips on how to create your very own 2017 health kick at home….

First and foremost, is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?

DEFINITELY! You have been asleep ‘fasting’, so your body needs essential fuel to kick-start your metabolism, and get it through the day. You don’t have to eat a huge meal - a couple of pieces of fruit and a handful of nuts is fine. If weight loss is your goal then skipping meals really isn’t the answer - instead have lighter meals and focus on 75% fruit or veg on your plate.    

If we were going to go out and buy 3 ingredients to make healthy breakfasts this year – what would you recommend?

  1. Yoghurt. Full fat, Greek, bio yoghurt – go for the best you can afford.

  2. Fruits that are in season or frozen berries

  3. Chopped raw nuts

What are your top tips for combining healthy ingredients at home?

  • Try to be guided by what’s in season. These foods will always taste better, be fresher and you will be supporting English producers and our economy. Also foods that are in season tend to compliment each other.

  • When combining think of taste, texture and flavour. For example, a bowl of berries with a squeeze of lemon and a couple of fresh mint leaves is simple but delicious.

  • Always have fresh herbs, toasted seeds and nuts on hand to top soups and salads. Adding crunch to a bowl of leaves makes such a difference.

  • My approach is – ‘anything goes’! If you like it, try it! But try to not to overdo the flavours.

Rock My Bowl Peach Bowl

At TOAST we love to entertain; what are your top tips for inviting friends over for a healthy breakfast?

I love having people over for breakfast! I would serve lots of different beautiful fruits on a huge sharing board, with a selection of tahini, granola, nuts and seeds. Everyone can dig in with spoons and make their own bowls. Frittatas always work well too and are a great way to get lots of vegetables in at breakfast. Another great breakfast for a crowd is my Baked Banana Oats (recipe on TheEdit) - if you’re feeding a crowd just make a bigger batch or a couple of different flavour options.

Rock My Bowl Tahuni 3Grand Porridge With Roasted Banana(Image: Rock My Bowl's Tahini 3 Grain Porridge with roasted banana and crunchy sesame granola) 

Tell us about your personal New Year health kick

I love January! I know I’m probably in the minority! But I just like to get rid of the Christmas excess and give myself a whole new batch of goals. I decided that I will make time every day to exercise, even if it’s just for 20 minutes. I’m barely eating processed food at all anymore and in turn I feel amazing. Don’t get me wrong - I love chocolate but I have it less now because I know I won’t feel so great after. And also, I’m taking my water bottle everywhere, so that I can hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Rock My Bowl Post Run Porridge(Rock My Bowl Post Run Porridge Bowls - (Left) Freshley rolled millet flakes, cooked with cardamom and caoco with added berries, (Right) Porridge mad with gluten free oats and amaranth topped with yoghurt, banana and double chocolate buckwheat crunch)

What are your top tips for our 2017 health kick?

  • Detox. Start every day with warm water and a slice of lemon. The benefits are numerous but think of it like a mini detox for the body and liver, first thing in the morning.

  • Get moving! Everybody makes excuses but honestly it’s easy to fit in exercise. I do 20-40 minutes every day and it’s a non-negotiable start to my day.

  • Experiment with different grains for porridge and bircher muesli. I like to use amaranth, buckwheat and quinoa - this makes a gluten free porridge and is such a healthy wholesome base for your toppings.

  • Don’t deprive yourself. Just try to have the best things, for example if you love bread make it the best bread, not a sugary white loaf. Eat the best chocolate, drink the best coffee. Make treats little luxuries that that you really appreciate and savour.

  • Stock up. Make sure you have stuff in your store cupboard at all times so it’s easy to make a healthy meal - when you have nothing in it’s easy to opt for junk or a takeaway. I always have eggs, 100% rye bread, avocado, grains, milk, spinach, beetroot, courgettes, olive oil, tahini, lemons, fresh herbs, plus a selection of nuts and seeds in my kitchen.

Finally, what’s on the cards for Rock My Bowl this year?

I’m really excited about 2017. We are moving into a bigger kitchen and we have new packaging coming, as well as some fabulous collaborations and new stockists. Last year was a crazy whirlwind and it was incredible how positive the response was to our brand and products. We are keen to build on that and get our pop-ups out there to a much wider audience!

Rock My Bowl Red Berry Porridge Full Of Anitoxidants(Rock My Bowl Red Berry Porridge Full Of Anitoxidants)

For more information about Rock My Bowl check out Rebecca’s recent Spotlight interview over on TheEdit, or visit their page in TOAST’s Little Black Book.

Rock My Bowl’s artisan granola is served and stocked at Brown and Green cafés throughout South East London, Koa Coffee in Clerkenwell, Home and Kids in Blackheath, Incoming Coffee in Walthamstow, Holly & Co in St Margarets and you can also buy direct from their website. Rock My Bowl will be returning to Druid Street Market in February. 


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by Sophie Farrah
on on 19 January 2017

  breakfast, brunch, healthy eating

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