MOJU Ginger Shots

Spicing things up with a New Year health boost

Going dry for January? Well fear not, because here are some shots that are actually good for you!

East London juicers MOJU have just launched a brand new fiery little weapon from their juice arsenal; 100% natural cold pressed ginger shots, and they are a must-have for any New Years detox you might have planned.

For centuries, this fiery root has been known to sooth indigestion, boost immune systems and snuff out sniffles as well as helping with skin inflammation and dehydration (both often associated with a hangover…ahem), so if you want to keep bugs at bay and give your energy levels a boost this month, then look no further!

MOJU source their fresh ginger root from the Far East where it’s been used for centuries to aid the digestive system and help fight the flu and common cold, they then balance out the fire with the sweetness and crispness of apples before adding a splash of lemon, which is packed full of Vitamin C. Cold pressing the juice extracts up to 5 x more nutrients than traditional methods, so you are getting ALL the goodness.

Add the shot to sparkling water to create 100% natural and genuinely healthy fizzy drink, use it to top up other juices or just down it in one! I’ve heard it also makes a good hot toddy when added to hot water (booze optional…) 

Our Verdict:

A tasty must-have for any New Years health boost – serve as shots at your next dinner party to get the night off to a fiery start.

Where you can buy it: 

Launching exclusively at Harrods and Planet Organic plus online at Mojudrinks. 


£1.95 for a 60ml shot (also available in fridge-friendly multi-packs)