Virtuous Chocolate Brownie

Chantelle Nicholson’s virtuous chocolate brownie recipe

If you’ve reached peak pudding already this Christmas, but can’t face the prospect of seeing in the new year without a little something sweet, fear not – here’s Chantelle Nicholson’s Virtuous Chocolate Brownie Recipe!

Hmmm a delicous way to see in the New Year!


  • 140g dates 
  • 140g prunes 
  • 200g agave syrup
  • 1,200g coconut oil, melted 
  • 200g almond butter
  • 300ml almond milk (unsweetened) 
  • Pinch salt
  • 1tsp baking powder
  • 100g coconut flour
  • 130g cocoa powder


  • Preheat the oven to 170 degrees celsius

  • Soak the dates and prunes in boiling water for 20 minutes

  • Discard water and blend until smooth

  • Mix all dry ingredients together then add the wet ingredients along with the dried fruit purée

  • Mix until just combined then place in a lined and greased pan, and bake for 10-14 minutes until still slightly gooey

  • Allow to cool completely then slice

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