Christmas Eve Box

Start Christmas early with a personalised Christmas Eve box

One of the best things about Christmas are the little traditions you hold dear as a family. Whether that's a Pre-Christmas mulled wine in your local, a cosy night in front of the fire with your better half, a roaring party with friends and family, or just the kids over excited faces as they beg for 'just one present' to open.

So this year we're jumping with joy as The Letteroom introduce this gorgeous, personlised Christmas Eve box to help satisfy one of our traditions filled treats and goodies to give your little ones a surprise the night before Christmas.

Not only are they the perfect gift, byt you can re-fill them with treats each year to see your little one's eyes light up. 

The Christmas Treats pack includes :-
  • Santa Clause Cone
  • Reindeer Hot Chocolate
  • Elf Kisses
  • Elf Walking Sticks
  • Reindeer Noses
  • Christmas sticker book
  • Christmas Treats (as above) and Christmas Eve Mug
  • Christmas Treats (as above) and Magic Key
  • Christmas Treats (as above), Magic Key & Christmas Eve Mug
  • The festive box is printed with a beautiful festive design and you can choose from two different colourways,

Letterroom Christmas Eve Goodies

Our Verdict:

A great way to bring a new tradition into the family and add some extra excitement the night before Christmas 

Where to buy one: 

The Letteroom 


From £35.00 - £85.00

The boxes can be personalised: 3-5 Days


Posted in The Notebook

by Must Have
on on 10 December 2016

  christmas eve, gift, presents

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