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TOAST talks experimental food installations for fantastic events

Beef and horseradish for pudding? Anything’s possible with a bit of liquid nitrogen. TOAST meets culinary inventors Lick Me I’m Delicious

Have you ever thought, “Christmas dinner – there’s something I’d like to stick on a cone”? Nope? Well, Lick Me I’m Delicious (LMID) has. Specialists in experimental food installations, the company created a turkey, cranberry and sprout nitrogen ice cream for a festive party last year. The people licked and sadly, it wasn’t delicious. “The verdict was, ‘It’s not horrible’,” laughs operations manager Rhys Saunders. “But we’ve definitely come up with better flavours.”

Brussels sprouts aside, Saunders insists “pretty much anything” can be thrown into an ice cream maker with palatable results. Previous unorthodox combinations include beef and horseradish, sage and onion and even curry. “You’d be surprised at what works,” he says. Traditionalists needn’t fear – among the more conventional offerings are banoffee pie, dulce de leche praline and peanut butter caramel cup. One of LMID’s most popular ice creams, dark port and stilton, takes mere minutes to make.

“You start with your base ice cream, which is milk, cream and sugar, then add the port. Right at the end you throw in chunks of stilton. This leaves a nice saltiness on the tongue. We don’t measure any of our ingredients as everything is made to taste on the spot. People enjoy the theatre of it.”

Lick Me Im Delicious Ice Cream

The brainchild of Welshman Charlie Harry Francis, who was raised on a Pembrokeshire dairy farm, LMID has come a long way since launching five years ago. The company is constantly booked for corporate and private events, including weddings, birthdays and bah mitzvahs, throughout the UK, with recent gigs on mainland Europe. 

What’s so great about liquid nitrogen ice cream? “The process is much quicker than factory-made stuff,” Saunders explains. Listen up, folks – here’s the science bit: regular old ice cream is produced in vats and takes hours to freeze. Boring! What the clever peeps at LMID do is inject liquid nitrogen, which has a boiling point of minus 193 degrees, into the base mixture, resulting in instant gelato. And the faster you freeze ice cream, the creamier it becomes because ice crystals have less time to grow. Simples."

Kiszania Lick Me Im Delicious

Offering a bespoke service, Francis and Saunders have all kinds of weird and wonderful culinary inventions under their belt, including The Arousal, laced with champagne – and 25mgs of viagra (apparently, the unwilling-to-be-named VIP client was “very happy with the end result”) and the world’s first Glow in the Dark ice cream, cobbled together from synthesised jellyfish luminescence. (Yeah, we’ve no idea what that means either.)

These days, however, ice cream is just a small part of the business. The team has branched out into other tempting treats, from popcorn caramelised on site to a free-flowing Tipsy Fountain filled with your poison of choice. All the machines are designed and built by the team. There’s a nitro ice cream buggy that cruises at six miles an hour and a candy floss machine, which shoots out everyone’s favourite sticky stuff at a speedier 60mph. “People are always looking for the next new thing. Ten years ago, it was chocolate fountains. So we’ve come up with our own version – the chocolate tap.”

Tipsy Fountain Lick Me Im Delicious

Of course, it’s not just about taste. “People really enjoy seeing the contraptions as well as tasting the product.” LMID’s inventions are designed with neurogastronomy (the study of how the brain creates the perception of flavour) in mind. Take the company’s mist machines, which produce zero-calorie-flavoured mist sucked through a straw. “We might have a strawberry bon bon flavour inside, but the machine itself will be blue, so people think they’re having blueberry. It’s about engaging as many of the senses as possible for a fully immersive experience.” Sounds cool to us.

Lick Me Im Delicious Nitrogen

If you're looking for a spectacular, experimental food experience Lick Me I'm Delicious will delight your guests. Take a look at theor profile on our Little Black Book or take a look at their website lickmeimdelicious.com

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by Alix O'Neill
on on 29 November 2016

  catering, food experiences, food theatre, immersive, live food

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