Terrifying Halloween Face Paint Looks for 2016

Halloween make-up tips & tricks from the experts

Halloween, or All Hallows Eve is upon us, and so begins the annual tradition of people dressing up as gruesome ghouls and characters like Freddy Krueger, Miss Havisham, Chucky and Cruella de Ville to scare, so TOAST shares some of this years looks, thanks to some of the creepiest face painting artists around.

Like many Christian festivals, All Hallows' Eve originated as the Gaelic holiday of Samhain, meaning ‘summer’s end’. Celebrated from sunset on October 31 to sunrise on November 1, the night before the ancient New Year which fell between autumn equinox and winter solstice, it was believed that on this night, the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred and spirits who had passed over to the next realm could indeed return to earth.

And so the act of dressing up in costumes to scare began. Historically known as ‘mummying’ beleivers would wear disguises made out of animal skins to trick the evil spirits roaming earth and ward off spirits with bad intentions. Meanwhile, the souls of the dead, as well as witches, demons and fairies who were believed to have slipped through the veil would go ‘souling’; demanding food door-to-door in exchange for songs,  which is as we know it today ‘Trick-or-Treating’.  These offerings of food and drink were placate the less hospitable spirits so they would not cause mischief to the living.

Today, the tradition is honoured by dressing up in all manour of wares, but thanks to the incredible number of talented face-paint artists scaring the pants of people with their Instagram imagery and youtube tutorials, Halloween costumes have uped the anti, moving on from a simple shop-bought scream masks to full face and body transformations allowing people to truly look a way that they never dreamed possible.

“Halloween gets bigger and bigger each year” says Karen Harvey, specialist make-up expert and founder of Wow Factor Faces. “More and more people and organisations are holding parties. People enjoy dressing up and the ‘out of the ordinary’ make-up is a big part of the whole look.”

Karen Harvey

(Image Credit: Karen Harvey, Wow Factor Faces)

From half skeleton faces and zips revealing internal organs, to a cast of blood splattered zombies, it seems there are no boundaries to the imagination. “Every year the fashion becomes bigger and more extravagant; and the makeup is no exception” says make-up artist Gabrielle Whittaker, “It is becoming increasingly popular to have the latest and most creative designs possible and recent movies provide a wealth of inspiration" she adds. "The James Bond hit, ‘Spectre’, had an amazing opening sequence set in Mexico featuring elaborate Day of the Dead makeup.  DC’s Suicide Squad also had iconic characters set to be popular this Halloween including the new face of the Joker, Harley Quinn and Diablo” she adds. 

Gabrielle Whittaker Snake And Mermaid

Gabrille Whittaker DOTD And Skeleton

(Image Credit: Gabrielle Whittaker)

But it’s not all about the blood and gore as artists are seeing a rise in the goulishly glamourous “glamourween” look. “This year's trends for Halloween are glamorous skulls. The more ornate the better” says globally recognised makeup expert Maria Malone“I see a twist of beauty and horror but dipped in gold or gems. Always stunning and very popular.”

“Lots of people are embellishing designs with glitter and crystals to really lift their makeup adding dimension and a sparkle, finished off beautifully with amazing accessories and the perfect outfit” adds Gabrielle. 

Maria Malone Skulls

(Image Credits: Maria Malone Guerbaa

Of course, it doesn't all have to be about skeletons. As our experts' portfolios demonstrate, Pop Art faces of Wonder Woman, Superman and other heroes as well as dead celebrities would be sure to wow and amaze at any party. 

Maria Malone Face Painting Artists

Maria Malone

Maria Malone MM

Maria Malone2

(Image Credits: Maria Malone Guerbaa

So if you haven’t managed to book an artistic face painter this year but you want to pull off an amazing look for Halloween, take some inspiration from our expert’s favourite designs and read on for their top tips on how to create your own freakily fantastic make-up this Halloween.

Gabriella Whittaker’s Top Tips to freakily fantastic Halloween Make-up  

  • First off decide on your look - Have a printed photograph of the look that you are going to recreate for reference. 

  • It’s all about the Base - To create the ultimate Halloween makeup, first start with the perfect skin base.  Thoroughly wash and exfoliate your skin and allow a light moisturiser to soak in.  For popular designs requiring a white base, try using Illamasqua’s Skin base foundation in shade 01.  This lightweight and blendable formulation will create a smooth coverage, perfect for a Day of the Dead or Skeleton makeover. 

  • Add colour - Snazaroo produce a comprehensive and affordable range of face paint colours, including metallic and shimmer effects.  The range have a water base, so it is easy to apply and remove! 

  • Get Good Brushes - Use clean brushes and sponges to apply to the skin, generally working with the lightest colours first and finishing with the darkest.  

  • Special FX - For those who are more adventurous, try investing in a few of the Mehron special effects products.  They produce a wide range of realistic bloods of different viscosities and shades to create or embellish a gruesome makeup.  To create realistic 3-dimensional special skin effects, such as zombie bites and ripped skin, try the Mehron 3D gel.  This gelatin based product is applied warm and can be moulded into any surface shape.

  • TopTip - As with any new makeup product, if unsure of skin sensitivity, patch test a sample on the inner arm 48 hours before using.  This will also illustrate any possible skin staining.  

Maria Malone’s Must Have Products

  • Mix face paint with cosmetics, my kit will not be complete without kryolan Aqua paints. A stunning product rich in colour and texture and NYX and Urban Decay for cosmetics. They provide outstanding eyeshadows, contour palettes and NYX glitter so fine and glamorous it applies beautifully.
  • The facepainting shop’s own brand brushes are the world’s leading in my view! Perfect for the detailed artistry. Their chunky glitter is also stunning and my favourite. 

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