Misfortune Cookies

Cookies that don't hold back!

It’s Halloween week and if you’re planning a gathering this weekend, clichéd anecdotes of traditional after dinner fortune cookies just won’t do, no instead, get ready to crack open the brutal truth with these rather disturbing 'misfortune' cookies that quite literally, tell it like it is.

Not for the easily offended, these Misfortune cookies are filled with a variety of dark prophecies, barefaced insults and completely unhelpful advice that provide guaranteed rubbish fortunes every time, and a rather merciless way to end your meal. 

As black as the humour inside them, these tasty after-dinner treats are individually wrapped with their own monster motif on the front.

In the makers' own words: “Deal them out to your unfortunate friends, or sit alone and unlock your hopeless reality as you morbidly stuff down mouthfuls of Chinese food and ponder your own wretched existence.”

Our Verdict:

Dealing these out to your guests may mean the end of your entertaining days, but they are perfect for a Halloween trick rather than treat.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Where can you buy them?

There are many suppliers across the UK but we're fans of Prezzy Box Avaiable here.  


£11.95 for a pack of 8 

Misfortune Cookie Selection


Posted in Fun and Games

by Must Have
on on 23 October 2016

  favours, fortune cookies

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