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Designer tableware collaborations for a stylish table setting

Fabulous tableware can create a stylish, welcoming and interesting table with ease. As the trend in design collaborations continues to grow, from Michelin star chefs to top fashion designers all getting in on the act, here are TOAST’S top picks of the hottest collections out there. Perfect for a pre Christmas investment, or a wonderful gift for any host or hostess…

Traditionally tableware was, like many things, a sign of individual wealth; the greater the means, the higher the quality of tableware that was owned, and the more pieces of it too! In the 13th century, affluent Londoners owned silver while those of simpler means owned pieces of pottery and wood but in years to come pewter became increasingly accessible, as did glazed earthenware, so the trend for owning a set of tableware that one could be proud of really caught on. 

In 2016 the variety of tableware available is tremendous; from pottery to plastic, ceramic to stainless steel, there is huge amount out there covering a vast range of styles and uses. Having a matching set – or stylishly mismatched of course – is not only incredibly satisfying to use and pleasing to the eye, but it can also make your table look well thought out and create a real sense of occasion at any event. Whether you're hosting a dinner party, or want to add a special touch to an everyday meal with family or friends, the right table setting helps to make the meal look even more inviting.

It is also one of those lovely things that can be sentimental and nostalgic at times – the same, well worn serving platters from family lunches gone by, pretty matching plates that were once a wedding gift many generations ago; my Christmas tableware has been passed down for decades and the sense of occasion that it carries with it on Christmas Day is really very special.

No longer reserved for old fashioned department stores and traditional wedding gift lists – a variety of top notch designers and influencers are now getting in on the act and designing beautiful, trendy tableware collections to suit all tastes and budgets.  These ranges are exciting because they are taking the traditional tableware concept are giving it an innovative, modern twist; so whether it’s tapas for twelve or Sunday lunch for 6 – the tableware world is your oyster.

If you fancy some chic serving platters with an splash of product design, or a stylish set of cups and saucers that scream haute couture then look no further - here are TOAST’s top picks of the hottest tableware collaborations out there.


Designer chic doesn’t come much more chic that Japanese designer Issey Miyake, and the same can be said for his unique tableware collection in collaboration with Scandinavian tableware experts Iittala. Issey’s collection of high quality ceramics, glass and home textiles is incredibly cool and screams cutting edge fashion; think geometric, multifunctional ‘table flowers’ which can be used as coasters or as decorations, beautiful roll-up placemats and freeform pebble-shaped platters and plates that come in a variety pastel colours, as well as contrasting blacks and greys. His pretty origami-esque napkins are gorgeous too.

The range is priced from £20 -www.skandium.com

Iitala X Issy Miyake Setting2

Iitala X Issy Miyake


Traditionally a high-end handbag designer hailing from New York, Kate Spade has recently tiptoed into tableware. Her Larabee Road Platinum collection of bone china is understated, elegant and incredibly chic - think ivory white plates and platters simply adorned with contemporary yet classic metallic silver spots. Her new ‘Cause a Stir’ collection however is far more playful and fun – the base colours are a sophisticated black and cream, but the addition of charming illustrations and witty phrases such as “dance on the table”, “kiss the cook” and “don’t mind if I do” are guaranteed to make your guests grin. Her colourful placemats are great fun too.

The collection is priced from £14, www.katespade.co.uk

Kate Spade


Kate Spade Crockery


British designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby have been the talk of the (design) town ever since they created the iconic London 2012 Olympic Torch. Their new Olio collection for tableware legends Royal Doulton is a timeless and versatile mix of uber trendy, minimalist shapes made from soft chalky materials, mixed with contemporary elements such as stainless steel. The range is very minimalist chic, beautifully designed but also functional, and the colour palette is neutral and relaxed meaning it fits stylishly into any home or on any table. Pieces work individually (the chalky, chunky black mugs would make an achingly cool present this Christmas...) but when placed together, the collection looks effortlessly cool and very impressive.

The collection starts from £10 - www.royaldoulton.co.uk

Barber Osgerby Tableware

Barber Osgerby Table Settings


Inspired by the dining experience in his restaurants, Michelin-star chef Jason Atherton's new 'Social' collection has been created with a focus on modern socialising and sharing. Thoughtfully designed by award-winning British designer Robin Levien, this versatile range is perfect for presenting and serving food in a more informal way; it comprises some beautiful laser cut glassware made from crystal (including an ingenious glass jug that conveniently fits inside your fridge door) and the serveware is mostly a mixture of luxuriously tactile materials such as luxurious marble and oak. The wooden riser looks fabulous in the middle of the table, but folds up neatly for storage, whilst the marble platters are simple but oh so elegant.

Colelction starts from £4, www.thesocialcollection.com available exclusively at John Lewis.

Social Collection



Another New York fashionista who has recently turned her hand to tableware is none other than Vera Wang, luxury wedding dress designer extraordinaire. She has designed several tableware collections, but we particularly love her Vera Organza range, inspired by the luxurious folds of her sought-after bridal gowns. The collection is modern looking, yet totally timeless; plain white bone china with a neat, textured fold effect around edges and sides. The range encompasses serving platters, cups, bowls, mugs and a tea set, so you can go the whole hog if you like, or add pieces over time.  Her silver plate napkins rings instantly make any table look incredibly smart, and we also love her Love Knots Gold Toasting Flutes – a fun and elegant gift for a loved-up couple this Christmas (or anytime, really).

The range starts from £9, www.wedgwood.co.uk

Vera Wang

Vera Wang Crockery


High-end high street fashion label Ted Baker has combined strengths with traditional British pottery company Portmeirion to create the fabulously floral and award winning Rosie Lee collection. And when I say floral, I don’t mean twee; contemporary floral prints are offset against rich greys and strikingly shaped pieces that have each been hand gilded with 22 carat gold - so there’s nothing old fashioned to see here. Plus, the entire collection is great for mixing and matching, so you can create a unique set just for yourself.  Their giant coffee pot is a real showstopper, while their floral placemats and matching coasters would make any table look as pretty as a picture.  

Collection starts from £10.50, www.portmeirion.co.uk

Ted Baker

Ted Baker Tableware 


Out final TOAST pick is Italian fashion house Diesel’s wacky tableware collection for renowned Italian homeware brand Seletti. Their Cosmic Diner range is inspired the universe and features magical ‘meteorite’ glasses and striking ‘lunar’ bowls. There are metallic candlesticks shaped like rockets, a raised sugar bowl that resembles small gold planet in orbit and a variety of plates and platters printed with mesmerizing crater-filled prints. The range may sound gimmicky but in reality it is well designed and sophisticated yet playful, and guaranteed to bring a sense of fun and some Italian style to your dinner table. The Cosmic Diner Starman single stem vase makes a extraordinary centerpiece – and will definitely get your guests talking (and smiling).

Collection starts from £3.50, www.madeindesign.co.uk

Deisel For Seletti Cosmic Dinner Party

Deisel For Seletti

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