Carry On Cocktails

A nifty little Carry On Cocktail Kit making travellers' dreams come true

And no we're not talking about camp British comedy, we're talking about hand luggage, as this nifty little Carry On Cocktail Kit from the Men's Society is any savvy traveller’s dream come true.

Pop open the compact Carry On Cocktail tin mid flight and inside you’ll find everything you need to mix up not one, but two cracking cocktails at 39,000 feet – with the help of one or two items from the drinks trolley.

The Old Fashioned kit contains a beautifully designed little recipe card, cocktail spoon/muddler, sachets of cane sugar, stylish linen coaster and a security-friendly bottle of aromatic bitters. Genius. 
And if an Old Fashioned isn’t really your thing then the good news is that you can also choose from Bloody Mary, Moscow Mule and Gin & Tonic varieties. You could even pack them all, if you’re flying long haul.  

Bottoms up! 

Carry On 1

Our Verdict:
The Carry On Cocktail kit is the perfect tool for injecting some tasty style into your next flight, and - dare I say it - it would also make a pretty perfect stocking filler... 

Where you can buy it: Available from the Men's Society 

Price: £25 Height 10cm, Width 8cm, Depth 2cm