Face Box Boutique

A boutique box of beauty brilliance…on wheels!

Imagine. You’re throwing a party and suddenly, a beautifully converted 1982 vintage horse trailer, dedicated to spreading happiness and love wherever it goes, magically appears.

I am talking about The Face Box Boutique; a gorgeous purple horse box filled with surprises. Hiding inside is a team of cheerful creatives, ready to transform you into your inner wild child with a selection of professional face painting, glitter and feather services, hair styling and even henna tattooing.

The walls are literally covered in a staggering array of imaginative props, mirrors and wild wallpaper and then neatly tucked at one end…is a photobooth! 

This fairy-tale boutique on wheels is the brainchild of young Mancunian Chelsea, a creative through and through who restored the box herself from scratch in order to craft a haven of fun and creativity.

Facebox Boutique



Our Verdict

Whether it’s a festival, wedding, hen, children’s party or pretty much any outdoor event, the Face Box Boutique is guaranteed to add some creative magic and unique sparkle to the day.

How can you Hire them?

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Posted in The Notebook

by Sophie Farrah
on on 23 September 2016

  face painting

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