Start Your Day Right With Rock My Bowl

Toast talks to Queen of breakfast, Rebecca Rhodes-Evans

It’s widely believed that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and now thanks to Rock my Bowl it can also be the most beautiful. We’re talking gourmet porridge, bountiful bircher and super food-packed ‘Power Bowls’, guaranteed to set you up for the day. TOAST caught up with the Queen of breakfast - Rebecca Rhodes-Evans to hear how to start your day right with Rock My Bowl.

In January 2016 the face of breakfast changed; pop up breakfast and brunch service ‘Rock My Bowl’ was born and it’s mission was simple - to make a home made, healthy breakfast available to everyone, and it’s a pretty tasty offering too. 

I’ve always been into exercise and nutrition, and how eating a good diet can actually make you feel better’ explains Rock My Bowl founder and owner Rebecca Rhodes-Evans. 

‘So many people don't have the time for a healthy, delicious breakfast. Sometimes I wouldn't eat my lunch till almost dinner time and that meant my breakfast had to be filling, substantial but most importantly delicious! After I had my son my working hours changed so much - I was suddenly at home a lot more, and so I started experimenting with flavours and textures and making these really beautiful combinations at breakfast. I started to eat a lot of porridge and tried lots of different toppings - it never occurred to me that it would become a second career!’

After much experimentation in the kitchen Rebecca realised that she was on to something and decided to take the plunge; she sold her successful beauty business and began to take steps to fully realising her bowl-rocking dreams. 

‘I went to a life coaching evening, and one of the questions was ‘if you could do anything, even if it went wrong, what would you do?’ and I put ‘open a breakfast business’. I scribbled it down and that was it, but over the next month I started to think…actually, maybe I can do this!’

And so she did. Rebecca’s first event was a breakfast meeting for twelve; she served up bowls of her trademark delectable gourmet porridge, and a tray of apple and buckwheat muffins. Of course, her spread went down a storm and so gave Rebecca the confidence to approach trendy foodie hotspot Druid Street Market in Bermondsey, where she is now a regular feature.

Karen Akhtar Photography Rock My Bowl

(Image Credit Karen Atkhtar Photography)

‘The response I’ve had to my food has been amazing – I’ve been overwhelmed by how much people like it!’ she says happily. 

‘I wanted to get away from all this boring ‘eat clean’ stuff – it seems like everything it about depriving yourself all the time! I’ve done that in my life, I’ve done every diet, I know what it’s like, but at the end of the day it should be about getting up in the morning and having an incredible, beautiful breakfast that when you look at it you actually want to eat it, and it makes you feel amazing!’

And if anything is going to make you feel amazing; it’s one of Rock my Bowls breakfasts. Ingredients are seasonal, delicious and plentiful. Rebecca makes their signature Gourmet Porridge using a groat (basically a whole oat kernel in it’s natural state, before processing), which she turns into super soft and delicate oats by hand using her own flaker. She then adds amaranth (plants seeds packed with protein and nutrients), buckwheat flakes and coconut milk.

Her tempting topping combinations include; shredded apple, yoghurt, maple syrup and almond butter finished with toasted hazelnuts, and sliced banana, Greek yoghurt and chocolate buckwheat crunch. Oh, and did I mention the blueberry and vanilla compote, almond butter, toasted coconut flakes and cardamom granola?

‘I’ve also got a savoury porridge at the moment which has been really, really popular; I cook just the oats in water and then I add miso and butter at the end, and I fry an egg and pop that on with fresh chillies and spring onions. That’s always a hit at festivals!’ she laughs.

‘I try to eat by the season; what tastes the most delicious at the moment. I also think about ingredients I would in a cake! If I was going to put pear in a cake what else would I add? Ginger, maybe a bit of cinnamon, pomegranate. It starts with one thing that I think would work, and then I add to it.’

Also on Rock My Bowl’s menu is a selection of deluxe bircher muesli pots; a cold ‘grab and go’ option and the perfect alternative to porridge. Again, the ingredients are wholesome and totally mouth-watering; oats, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, Greek yoghurt and changing selection of fruit, and home made granola.

Emily Gray Rockmybowl

(Image Credit Emily Gray Photography)

‘I do a different bircher muesli pot at every time I do a market; I went to Turkey recently and I was inspired by how beautiful the peaches were, so I did a peach melba and tahini bircher, and I also did a deconstructed black forest gateau recently which was chocolate granola, cherries, natural yoghurt. It was delicious!’

And just when you thought things couldn’t get any more appetising, Rebecca also provides a vast tray of selected super foods for her customers to sprinkle over their bowl.

People can just chuck whatever they fancy on the top and turn it into a power bowl! I talk about the benefits of each one so that people can tailor their bowl to suit their needs; for example if you exercise a lot I’d suggest hemp, or almond butter for energy. So it’s not just a bowl of porridge, or bircher museli it’s so much more than that!’

Rock My Bowl’s menu is ultimately delightful, but it’s not just about the deliciousness, it’s also about the nutritious-ness.

Ultimately if you eat a good breakfast and you eat the right thing then you are going to feel so much better’ explains Rebecca.  

‘We should be looking after ourselves. ‘We are all so busy – women especially. If I have a really good breakfast I am set for the day. You can’t be expected to do all the things you need to do in a day if you’ve got nothing inside you! Start the day well and it affects everything.’

I am pleased to say however that, much like TOAST, Rebecca can’t be good all the time.

‘An almond croissant is my absolute kryptonite! I can’t say no to it! I know it’s not going to make me feel great but sometimes I just have to!’

Karen Akhtar Photography

(Image Credit Karen Akhtar Photography)

Rebecca's Top Tips For Breakfast 

  • Never have an empty cupboard or fridge! Always have things on hand that you can have really quickly, whether it’s grains or fruity or some high quality yoghurt
  • If you’re really short of time then prep something for breakfast the next day – like overnight oats, or some granola or even just boil a couple of eggs. You can pop them in the fridge, and then chop them up the next day and have them with some avocado and some toasted seeds. I toast seeds and buckwheat in a big batch and then just keep in a jar. Always prep, so that you don’t grab a biscuit instead!
  • Don’t think you can’t eat too much.  If you’re really hungry in the morning then eat loads a small meal won’t do the trick! Have a massive bowl of something to set you up for the day.

Stay tuned for more from Rock My Bowl, including exclusive recipes and more breakfast tips from Rebecca.

In the meantime if you’d like to try Rock My Bowl for yourself you can find them at;  

Druid Street Market, 126 Druid St, Bermondsey, London SE1 2HH, September 10th, October 15th, 22nd, 29th

The All-day 'Beyond Breakfast' pop-up in Old Street Station, Old St, London EC1Y 1BE, 6 days a week, 26th September - 8th October, offering a selection of filling, nutritious home-made bowls to eat in or grab and go. Sharing the space will be Zig Zag teas, with its range of incredible loose-leaf teas. A series of events and workshops are also scheduled. 

Rock My Bowl stockists include; KOA Coffee, 41 Rosebery Ave, London EC1R 4SH

Brown and Green Cafes in Sydenham, Crystal Palace and Gypsy Hill. 


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by Sophie Farrah
on on 19 September 2016

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