Scandi Cocktails

Swedish inspired cocktail creations to try at home

So we’ve got the crayfish covered (see TOAST’s guide on how to throw your Swedish own crayfish party on theEdit) and now it’s time to talk cocktails. Hurrah! TOAST has got three Swedish inspired creations for you to try at home…

Lingonberry Cosmopolitan

TOAST’s Swedish comrade Sandra West of Scandi chic café/shop Blåbär is a big fan of Swedish-raised chef and restaurateur Marcus Samuelsson’s Lingonberry Cosmopolitan creation.

Lingonberries are plentiful in the forested areas of Sweden, and so lingonberry jam is a staple food in Scandinavian cuisine (you might have had it with your meatballs at IKEA). This cocktail is perfect for the warmer months; the berries add a crisp summery sweetness, the lime some fresh zing, whilst the Aquavit (or vodka) gives it some bite - think Swedish Sex in The City.

What You'll Need 

2 oz vodka, or Aquavit

2 oz lingonberry juice

1 oz triple sec

1 oz lime juice 


Place all ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake until well chilled. Strain into a martini glass and serve immediately.

Lingonberry juice can be purchased from Ocado or at Whole Foods Online 

Lingonberry Cocktail

Blueberry Mojiyo / Mocktail  

First crayfish, now cocktails - TotallySwedish just keep on giving. Their Swedish inspired creation is a Blueberry Mojito, made with Blåbär 100% from Saxhyttegubben in Sweden. Blåbär (which is the Swedish word for blueberry, by the way) 100% is made from freshly squeezed wild Swedish blueberries - each bottle contains an astonishing 2300 berries (approximately). No booze, no sugar and no additives – but absolutely loads of flavour.

And for the non-drinkers; this recipe can be made without the rum to create a very moreish ‘mocktail’.

What You'll Need

50 ml Blåbär 100%
A handful of fresh mint leaves
Juice from 1/2 a lemon or lime
A handful of fresh raspberries
Sparkling lemonade or club soda

30 ml white rum (optional)


Crush the mint leaves and raspberries with a cocktail muddler or wooden spoon in the bottom of a glass. Add lemon/lime juice and Blåbär 100%. Stir. Top up with sparkling lemonade or club soda. Decorate with fresh raspberries, a slice of lemon and mint leaves. 

Find Blåbär 100% at TotallySwedish  

Credit Monika Agorelius Totallyswedish Blueberry Mojito Cocktail

(Picture credit: Monika Agorelius)

Absolut Elyx Elderflower Collins 

The Absolut Vodka distillery can be found near Åhus, in southern Sweden. Their newest vodka offering is the rather special single estate, handcrafted Absolut Elyx - the result of century-old expertise, passed down through generations of Swedish vodka-makers.

Firstly, it is made exclusively from single estate wheat from the Råbelöf Castle, where they have been producing wheat since the 1400s. Secondly, it is manually distilled in a 1921 copper rectification still known as Column 51, made entirely of copper and operated by a selected few who inherited their knowledge and expertise from past generations of spirit and vodka makers.

The elderflower cordial gives this crisp Collins a Swedish twist, and the use of Absolut Elyx ensures a smooth, satisfying finish. 

What You'll Need 

2 Parts Absolut Elyx Vodka

1 Part Lemon Juice

½ part elderflower Cordial

Soda water

1 wheel of lime


Fill a shaker with ice cubes. Add Absolut Vodka, lemon juice and elderflower cordial. Shake and strain into a chilled highball glass filled with ice cubes. Top up with soda water. Garnish with lime.

Elderflower Collins 




Cheers - or should I say - skål!


Posted in Recipe

by Sophie Farrah
on on 02 September 2016


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