The Avocado Bun

All hail – the avocado bun!

Yes that’s right, you heard. The nation’s love for avocado continues, as the Avocado Bun is the newest unusual food craze to hit our shores.

It all started when Colette Dike a food stylist based in the Netherlands, posted a picture of her avocado bun creation and basically broke the Internet. 

The concept is simple; take your burger, be it beef, chicken, veggie or otherwise. Ditch the bun, and replace with two halves of an avocado. Sprinkle the top with sesame seeds to perfect the burger effect, and enjoy!

It’s low carb, low calorie, AND gluten free, plus makes your burger look pretty groovy too. 

PERFECT for a something a little different at your bank holiday barbeque this weekend…

Our Verdict: If you love creamy avocado goodness – then it’s a must try.

Where you can buy it: It’s a pretty easy one to DIY at home, but if you fancy eating out then Joe’s Southern Table and Bar in London’s Covent Garden is offering the Avocado Bun in three varieties; a traditional cheeseburger with bacon, southern fried chicken with hot mayo sauce and a vegetarian soy burger.

Joes Southern Table and Bar WC2E 8JD 

Price: £8.95 each at Joe’s Southern.