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Celebrate the cherry season this year with these tasty ideas

It’s officially the British Cherry season and this year they are set to be the new ingredient on the block thanks to a rise in British production.
Food experts hailed the comeback of the humble British cherry in 2015 after producers experienced a record harvest in 2014, with up to 3,500 tonnes of the fruit produced after yields trebled in three years.

Up until now this deep red glossy fruit has been imported, but thanks to better technology UK grower’s fortunes have turned and with new acres being planted in Hereford, Shropshire and Scotland, it’s success and the popularity of the cherry is looking likely to continue.

Over the next two months’ pickers from across the country will be gathering punnets of the delicious sweet red fruit from cherry trees across orchards in Britain. To mark this season’s sweetest picks, TOAST is celebrating with some of the best ways to use cherries this summer.

First thing’s fist – where to get your cherries

The wonderful English Cherry Company are in full swing with their picking with their eight varieties of cherry from a family orchard of 1900 trees which ripen sequentially over 4-week period. These cherries are flavour fantastic and co-owner Liz Mount advocates their incredible health benefits as a well-known superfood for their antioxidant properties as well as suggested benefits for improving sleep and reducing inflammation, among others. Liz suggests always eating cherries fresh but has shared her favourite and delicious cherry cake recipe in which she uses frozen cherries as well as fresh ones to pack in the flavour.

The English Cherry

Mini Bakewell Pies

Renowned creative baker Lily Vanilli supported the launch of the British Cherry Season creating her signature Bakewell Tart recipe for some lucky cherry fans.  Made with fresh seasonal cherries with just a dab of buttercream on top, crisp pastry and soft frangipane, they are the perfect little indulgences for the summer. Lucky for you, Lily has shared her recipe with TOAST so you can get baking yourself!

Lily Vanilli

Cherry Bomb Canapés

Lily is also well known for her gorgeous little Cherry Bomb canapés, these perfect glittery treats are just exquisite for any cocktail party, dessert table or just for a pop of sugar! Created for Fashion designer Charlotte Simone ‘s A/W 2016 launch party, Lily filled these mini pastry tarts with pink custard and topped them with a dab of dazzling edible glitter. Truly divine.  

You can order your bespoke glittery treats from Lily via her website  or even get yourself a copy of her beautiful book. 'Sweet Tooth' and elarn to master the art of baking yourself.


Honeyed Plum and Cherry Frangipane Tarts

Food photographer and blogger Clare and her husband Ed have an incredible selection of delicious recipes on their blog Things We Make and we just had to share their honeyed plum and cherry frangipane tarts. Clare makes one large centrepiece tart, perfect for your whole party to share, coupled with lots of mini tarts that are delicious mouthfuls for later-on or the next day with a coffee. The fresh cherries paired with drizzled honey and often a blob of jam make this a perfectly sweet, smooth tart, that’s gorgeous to look at and taste – with ice cream of course! 

Honeyed Plum And Cherry Franfipane Tart

Something Savoury

The Seasonal Berries programme, the font of knowledge when it comes to seasonal berries, supporting and representing berry growers has a fantastic recipe for Freekeh salad with pan fried duck breast and pickled cherries for you to try out this summer, as well as a host of other delights.

Their cherry and pine nut stuffed porchetta is equally tempting, so give it a go in the kitchen for a Sunday lunch or dinner party with friends.

Seasonal Berries

Something to Drink

Put a literary spin on a cherry mocktail with the 'Cherry Poppins', created by Tim Federle, author of the fabulous ‘Tequila Mockingbird’ in honour of the flying au-pair we all know and love from our childhood – minus the spoonful of sugar!

Just take 1 scoop of cherry frozen yoghurt, 4 ounces of vanilla cream soda, 5 maraschino cherries, plus 2 ounces of juice from the jar (but you can also use fresh cherries of course) and a Splash of milk. Throw it all into a blender with a handful of ice and blend. And don’t forget the umbrella!

Cherry Poppins

Something a little stronger....

The Ely Gin Company are specialists in fruit gins flavoured using whole, fresh, fruits like this one with dry sloes and sweet red cherries which combine to give this old favourite a contemporary twist. Add a single measure of gin with tonic water, a squeeze of lime which will bring out the cherry flavours and serve with ice and you have the perfect cherry gin cocktail.

Ely Gin

Price: £3.50 -110 Sloe & Cherry gin is available in small, medium and large bottles from Ely Gin Direct. 

Lavolio Cherries

Lavolio is the award-winning confectionery company making incredible real-fruit sweets inside sugar-spun shells made by hand from artisan makers. We love their Fruit Garden collection, made from the finest Amarena cherries, apricot pieces, lemon zest, nuts and chocolate. This fruity and refreshing mix of different flavours, is a great treat or perfect after-dinner to complement a cheese-board.

Price: £12.00 from Lavolio 


Cherry Fruit Cake

Question your own baking skills but love the sound of the English Cherry’s Cherry cake? Fear not, the luxurious award-winning bakers Tipple Tails have a delicious Cherry Orchard Fruit Cake with Almonds and Cherries – in a tin ready to serve!

A gorgeous fragrant, moist fruit cake, bursting with cherries, almonds and plump, juicy vine fruits and steeped in fragrant Cherry Bakewell Tart Liquor. Recommended tasting is actually to pair this with a nice cheese board. A Yorkshire tradition, founder and baker Jane Stammers suggests that the sweet, fragrant cherries and delicate almonds in the cherry orchard fruit cake are matched by stronger, hard cheese such as a buttery black bomber which is slightly sweet with a hint of caramel so together, oh so delicious – we’re sold! 

Price £15.95 from Tipple Tails Direct 

Tipple Tails


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by Alexandra Davison
on on 01 August 2016


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