Rainbow Bagels

Because bread is better in technicolour

Bagel purists, look away now. If you like your dough unadorned, these multicoloured breadstuffs probably aren’t for you.

The culinary equivalent of a Pride flag, the Rainbow Bagel, created by Brooklyn baker Scot Rossillo, has amassed a serious fan base in NYC, and looks set to rock these shores.

Seven coloured dough mixtures are flattened into a square then layered, cut, sliced and fed into a bagel-making machine. Nutella and hundreds and thousands are the toppings of choice in the Big Apple, while east London institution Beigel Shop prefers to serve these psychedelic bad boys with smoked salmon and salt beef. (Not as weird as you might think – despite their sugary appearance, they’re actually savoury.)
Selfridges RB

Our Verdict

A great bit of fun making these doughy treats a little bit extra special on the breakfast table. They would certainly add some colour to a bagel brunch!

Price: £4.99 for five, Made by Yummies Deli and can be purchased at Selfridges Food Hall or online. 


Posted in The Notebook

by Alix O'Neill
on on 30 July 2016


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