The Coupe Stack

The champagne tower with a difference

Everyone loves to enjoy a glass of champagne at a party, and there is nothing more impressive than this bubbly, liquid gold overflowing from a tower of glasses. But if the thought of constructing such a display yourself and pouring your 1971 bottle of champagne into what might end up being more of a display of tumbling shattered glass is all too much, then we have the perfect solution - the beautifully designed Coupe Stack.

Created by Barny Macaulay and his brother in honour of a long lived family tradition, the Coupe Stack is a beautifully designed set of six coupe glasses which stack simply, on top of one another, to create a tower, thanks to a cleverly designed ledge on the inside of each glass. This carefully designed trickery, allows you to pour champagne from the top glass and watch it elegantly flow like a waterfall into the half a dozen glasses below, creating a spectacle that will amaze and delight your guests without the risk!

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Where it all began

The one-of-a-kind Coupe Stack, came after Barny and his brother found an old crumpled black and white photograph showing their great uncle pouring a bottle of Pol Roger down a carefully balanced set of 8 champagne coupes. After much research the pair found it had originated from an eccentric Indian Prince, The Maharajah of Cooch Behar.

With a flair for roaring parties and a glamorous Hollywood actress as a wife, he wasn’t your typical Maharajah. Guests at his decadent parties, including the brother's great grandfather, Sir Arthur Page, looked forward to the highlight of the evening when the Maharajah would delight his guests with a spectacular champagne tower. Always one to do things differently however, this tower was unlike any guests had seen before. Reaching incredible heights, each glass was stacked one on top of the other, coupe after coupe, while guests held their breath and watched. When Sir Arthur was due to return to England, the Maharajah presented him with a set of these stacking champagne coupes as a gift.

The original Coupe Stack arrived back in England intact and went on to become a much used and admired family treasure that was to become the centerpiece of family celebrations and the creation of many fond memories. To ensure their grandfather’s legend lived on, the brothers set about making their own and thus The Coupe Stack was born.

Coupe Stack

Our Verdict

A wonderful addition to any celebration, The Coupe Stack is truly an ingenious invention and one that can be shared with friends and family, whatever the occasion.

The Coupe Stack fills perfectly from 1 bottle of Champagne and comes with champagne napkins and coasters, all presented in a contemporary and elegant gift box ready to create your perfect piece of party theatre.

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The Coupe Stack with 6 Champage Coupes is £70 plus delivery


Posted in The Notebook

by Alexandra Davison
on on 29 July 2016

  champagne coupe, champagne tower

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