Luscious Lollipops

Gourmet Ice lollies to get your taste-buds tingling

The lollipop has grown up. Gourmet ice-lollies and Popsicles made from natural ingredients, fresh fruits infused with berries, oranges, flowers and even booze are fast becoming the latest tasty and refreshing party treat. Lollies are no longer just for kids.

For many of us, that ice cold fizzy, sweet and sticky thirst quenching refreshment evokes memories of childhood summers running around the garden and sandy seaside afternoons. The zesty citrus of a lemonade lolly, the tangy taste of twister, or the retro reminder of the triple layered fab fill our minds and taste buds with glee. But how much more gleeful would you be if given a champagne lollipop?

The accidental creation of an American boy called Frank Epperson in 1905 after he left a glass of soda water out on his porch overnight with a stick in it, the humble ice lolly has evolved into nothing less than culinary artistry, thanks to a number of fabulous artisan producers revolutionizing these classic coolers across the country.

With everything from pop-tails of gin and Pimms, to fresh fruit, yoghurt and cream as well as a range of new champagne and Prosecco Popsicles, we’re no longer just enjoying simple frozen juices, but presented with a wide range of handmade frozen liquid lusciousness, making the perfect refreshing treat whatever the occasion.

TOAST's selected the very best producers, some making the most wholesome, others simply the most unforgettable iced lollies and Popsicles in the UK, to give your guests the perfect refreshment - with a twist.

Browse the Luscious Lollipops gallery below...

Ice Kitchen

The original producers of unforgettable gourmet artisan ice lollies, the London based Ice Kitchen are masters of creating twists on old classics that will surprise and delight, thanks to their unexpected flavour combinations. Think Egyptian hibiscus and peach, a cosmopolitan poptail, cucumber, gin and lime, and tequila. For something less boozy try their pineapple and coconut, iced coffee or rose and pistachio options. These are just some of the exotic flavours you’ll find with the Ice Kitchen.

Made by hand, and using only the very best, fresh fruits, yoghurt, cream, nuts, chocolate, herbs and spices and other natural flavourings, with no artificial anything, the Ice Kitchen’s ice lollies are a world away from that old-fashioned ice on a stick.

Ice Kitchen Prices: £1.75 per pop,
Available at Cook 


The handmade gourmet ice-lollies and poptails by LICKALIX are not only natural and healthy, they also taste divine. Using high quality ingredients and locally sourced produce, LICKALIX pride themselves in creating healthy snacks for everyone that are lactose and gluten free. Their strictly adults only poptails of Raspberry Ginster, Pimms, Gin sling are delicious treats, and their new summer Salted Coconut and Mango, and the Caribbean Twist will have your guests salivating at the very thought.

LICKALIX also have their very own tuc-tuc lollipop van available for hire to make for an even more memorable experience.

LICALIX Priced £2.00 per pop

Available at Wholefoods


The UK’s first champagne ice popsicle, POPS was created by old school friends James Rae and Harry Clarke, and have successfully risen quickly to become one of the most sought after thirst-quenchingly delicious alcoholic ice popsicles available today.

Enjoyed by celebrities that include Kate Moss and Miley Cyrus, their range began with the first everchampagne popsicle, and have now been extended to include the Bellini blend using Prosecco and peach, and non-alcoholic options of elderflower and apple, or strawberry and mint.

This summer POPS have also teamed up with Fever-Tree and Chase Distillery to bring you the world’s first Moscow Mule ice popsicle, giving you a spicy ginger beer taste with a touch of lime, sublime for sumertime.

Using only the finest natural ingredients and at only 36 calories you won’t want to miss out. At £5 a pop they aren’t the cheapest option, but they are delicious and worth every penny.  If you want a bespoke service, you can also hire the POPS team to come and serve their icy treats at your own private event. 


POPS are priced at £5 each, boxes of 24 are available via Ocado 


Inspired by a love of Italy and desire to create a sustainable, local business, Cornwall based DELIPOPS are an artisan ice-lolly company combining seasonal fruit, herbs, spices and teas to create unique, amazing and refreshing treats.

Made only with whole fresh fruit and 100% natural ingredients, DELIPOPS Pops are mouth-wateringly delicious and leave you feeling totally refreshed. Their traditionally sounding flavours remind you of summers gone by and include Granny’s lemonade, Mango and Lime, Gooseberry and Elderflower, and classic pure fruit strawberry. Truly, refreshingly scrumptious.


Available in cafe's and deli's across the country - contact direct to purchase in bulk and find your local stockists  

(Header photo credit: LICKALIX, Square Image: POPS)

Ice lollies and Popsicles are perfect for a summer picnic, so take a look at our Pimp You Picnic article for some fun ideas to brighten up summer afternoons!


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on on 16 July 2016

  ice lollies, popsicles

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