The Best BBQ Accessories

TOAST's Pick of the best BBQ Accessories

If TOAST'S guide to BBQ brilliance with The Ginger Pig has got you in the mood for a bit of grilling in the garden, then make sure you’re fully equipped before you fire up. Here are a few pieces of must-have kit that promise BBQ success this summer, and no burnt bangers…

The Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen 

The most important item, the BBQ itself. If you're going to the effort to create a spectacular gourmet barbecue menu, then having the right outdoor kitchen set-up is essential. Add a little theatre with the MegaMaster, a traditional African-style 'Braai' open flamed cooking barbecue, this grill will gaurantee great tasting flame-licked meats for your outdoor dining. A slightly more affordable option is the Kamado Joe is ideal for gourmet barbecue dining.  A charcoal fuelled ceramic grill with the ability to cool with direct and indirect heat at a variety of temperatures you can smoke, bake, roast and sear with just a few adjustments. 

Price £996 for the freestanding MegaMaster

Price start at £396 for the Joe Junior Kamado Joe barbecue 

Both available from Outdoor Gourmet

Tools of the trade

Every barbecue chef needs a set of good tools; a fork, tongs, and a basting brush are all essential. John Lewis’ handy BBQ tool set contains all of these plus a spatula, apron and cleaning brush, all presented in a neat and compact carry case. The ultimate accessory for any lover of outdoor cooking PLUS - no excuse for not cleaning the barbeque afterwards.

Price: £30, from John Lewis

Take your temperature

Expert butchers The Ginger Pig recommend buying a meat thermometer if you’re worried about burning the outside of your meat and the middle being undercooked (who isn’t?).  The Classic SuperFast Thermapen was originally designed for professional kitchens, giving a good indication of just how effective it is. The reading on this digital thermometer is virtually instantaneous, just three seconds after the probe has been inserted into the meat - a great little gadget.

Price £48, from Electronic Temperature Instruments

Fire starter

You’ve got the tools, the meat, the thermometer, the friends, but you can’t get the BBQ to light. Nightmare! This is where BBQ experts Weber step in – their RapidFire Chimney Starter is a super effective tool to get your charcoal perfectly lit. Simply fill the cylinder with briquettes and place over some firelighters cubes and hey presto! You’ll be chargrilling in no time. 

Price £19.99, from Weber

Do your homework

Looking for a comprehensive meat manual that covers everything you need to know about buying, preparing and cooking meat? Well look no further. The Ginger Pig Meat Book covers pork, beef, lamb and chicken, as well as recommending the best breeds, which cuts suit which styles of cooking, key butchering techniques and what to ask your butcher. The beautiful photography is a real feast for the eyes too.

Price £21.95, from The Ginger Pig 

Something fishy

Fancy some surf with your turf? Then BBQ Master’s Triple Fish Basket is a must. Covered in non-stick coating this handy closing basket cooks one to three whole fish at a time (sea bass works well) and the heat resistant soft grip handle makes flipping easy. The basket grate keeps the fish securely in place – so no more fish falling apart on the grill. Simple, delicious and healthy.

Price £14, Amazon UK

Look the part

This genius apron is not just any old apron…it also doubles up as a handy instruction manual! It’s covered in cooking times for a variety of meat, fish and vegetable dishes, and all the information is printed upside down on the bottom half of the apron so it’s the right way up when you’re wearing it. You’ll find a few BBQ tricks and tips on it too, and some summertime cocktail recipes to get the party started - this is my kind of apron.

Price £14.95, All Things Brighton Beautiful

Spice things up

Got your meat sorted? Now you just need some seasoning. The Spicery offer monthly Spicebox subscriptions; from the Friday Night Curry box to their Indian Kitchen Favourites collection, but it is this their BBQ Around The World box that is sure to excite any meat lover this summer. Each box contains enough recipes and enough fresh spices (ready measured) to make a delicious BBQ spread to feed 6 hungry people. There are 3 boxes available (1 per month = perfect for BBQ season) and each box features a spice combo from a different country. You can expect *spoiler alert* - a Mexican medley, Vietnamese flavours and some spicy Caribbean classics too.

From £19.95, The Spicery 


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Need some ideas on what to cook on your barbecue, check out our interview with The Ginger Pig for some advice on what's sizzling this summer.