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About Buffalo Tipi

Buffalo Tipi was born from a love of timeless design and the great outdoors. Founded by Simon Richards on a family farm in rural South West of England, their giant Kåta tipis have been designed to create a spacious but comfortable event space whilst bringing you closer to nature.

The ultimate blank canvas, Buffalo Tipi's can be transformed into romantic, formal or adventurous. Buffalo designs and hand makes furniture, supplies extensive lighting set-ups and has a truly creative outlook on events.

Inspired by northern Scandinavian and America design the wooden frame design echoes what would have been used many centuries ago. But instead of the traditional Buffalo hide, their modern canvases have been developed to allow the tipis to link together in a variety of formations. So whether you're planning an intimate gathering for 50 friends or a wild party for 300, the Buffalo Tipi come together to make it happen.

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Buffalo Tipi
Court Farm
SN13 9QP.

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