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Ice rolls made 'in front of your eyes' within a fun, playful environment within 60 seconds!

About Pan n Ice

The most on-trend way of serving the summer’s tastiest treat comes all the way from Thailand. Pan N Ice make their chilled treats by pouring fresh unfrozen ingredients onto a cold plate which reaches temperatures as low as -30°C; after chopping up the ingredients in a spectacular display, they wait for the mixture to freeze before rolling it up into little cylindrical delights, and garnish lavishly for a super special treat.

If you’re celebrating then why not get them to bring their beautiful Bubba Truck to your next event and delight your guests with their amazing artisan ice cream rolls?!

Pan n Ice
203 Workspace
Canalot studios
222 Kensal Road
W10 5BN.

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  Sweets and Treats

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