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About Medicinal Marshmallows

Imagine if you could cure all ills with one squidgy marshmallow mouthful... well the team at Medicinal Marshmallows think they can!

From their red wine and black pepper flavour to help you re-discover your mojo., to their Coughdrop Concoction if you have a tickle in your throat, the Medicinal Marshmallows are grouped by numbers relating to the complexity of their flavours.

You can choose between their Celebrity Rehab, Walk In or their Private Healthcare full of different flavours to treat all ills.

If you're planning your own event you could also hire their Pop-up-Thecary. Run by a team of highly trained marshmallow pharmacists, they will provide a full consultation service for you and your guests to ensure all of your patients receive and consumer their recommended prescription in a safe, sugar-fulled environment.

The Marshmobile Pharmacy has travelled across the UK & Europe,
appearing at Bestival, Roskilde Festival, Box Park, Carnaby Street and The Brits.

Medicinal Marshmallows
Studio 8
5 Empson Street Studios
E3 3LT.

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