- Brozen -In Bristol, Somerset

Bristol’s only liquid nitrogen gelato, expertly crafted by a team of talented chefs and scientists

About Brozen

Bristol-based brothers Ben and Joe, owners of Brozen, inspired by their travels around Europe have created the only liquid nitrogen gelato bar and fabulous frozen cocktails in the South West.

With two delicious locations in Bristol; an ice cream shop in St Nick’s Market and a frozen cocktail bar just around the corner where they make their delicious ice cream and frozen cocktails using only the best quality local ingredients and, à la Heston, they freeze it using liquid nitrogen.

Just a few of Brozen’s fabulous flavours include rhubarb and custard, mango and lime sorbet and tiramisu and chocolate orange. While their premium cocktails are made bespoke recipes combined with sorbet recipes to create a silky smooth taste.

Not only do Brozen’s frozen delicacies taste delicious, but they are also the ultimate in mouth-watering food theatre with their billowing dry ice.

The nitrogen is at -196°C, so it freezes the ice cream so quickly the large ice crystals don’t develop, resulting in a texture that is completely unique.

So if you're planning a party or special event and looking for something that’s going wow your guests and tickle their taste buds Joe and Ben can come to you, with a host of delectable ice cream flavours and refreshing frozen cocktails to keep everybody happy.

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