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Immersive dining that combines food, art, music, design and entertainment in a unique and interactive way

About The Art of Dining

The Art of Dining is a collaboration between Moro trained Chef Ellen Parr and artist set designer Alice Hodge.
The pair met at university in Glasgow, where they trialled a series of pop-ups offering a unique dining experience.

Their success has seen them quickly rise to be one of the most well known and exciting immersive experience makers around.

Each event is themed and lasts between three weeks and a month. Once they’ve chosen their venue, Parr and Hodge pool their skills to create an immersive experience that will dazzle and excite their guest. From Parr's unique five-course menu, while Hodge designs the room set to create a visual spectacle that guests can be part of, the dynamic duo deliver on every level of entertaining.

If you're looking for something unique to set yourself apart from the ordinary, The Art Of Dining is the perfect team to bring your next occasion to life.

The Art of Dining
Gaunson House
N15 4QQ.

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