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Mr Snap believes photos should be in the moment, free roaming and out of the box! From brand marketing, festivals, weddings, gigs to corporate events Mr Snap works, free roam the event, using their instax VW as a backdrop and instantly capturing your guests using old school film.

With two camera options 'the Mini 90' which creates credit card sized images, perfect for keeping in your wallet, and 'the 300 Wide' which creates larger images, ideal for capturing a whole group Mr Snap prints pictures on site live at your event so that your guests get to keep a lasting memory of the event.

"Pepper" is the official INSTAX VW is the only instax vehicle in the world! Even though she was born in 1972, she has been restored to her glory and looks stunning, bringing excitement and attracting attention wherever she goes. With a huge sound system and distinctive look she can be a focal point of any event.

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Mr Snap
72 Embankment House
7 Fleet Street
East Sussex
BN1 4HD.

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