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A studio-style pop-up photo booth with signature illustrated props

About Boxless Booths

Boxless Booths is a photo booth without the physical box. Unlike traditional set-ups, your Boxless Booth is a photographer shooting in an open space chosen specifically by you.

Unlike other photobooths, your “booth” is not enclosed or surrounded by barriers, but open and can be as big or as small as you like. The backdrops are drawn in 3D to give you the appearence that you're inside the scene, and you can have as many or as few participants in each photo as you like. They also provide a range of creatively designed oversized props, that can be bespoke to your style and theme, making it a unique, fun, interactive, and creative addition to any event.

The photographer will set up the “booth” at your event, coordinate participants and props for each photo, provide unlimited printing on the day as well as send you a digital copy of all the photos after your event, perfect for corporate parties, promotional events, award ceremonies, weddings, and birthday parties.

Corporate branding and tailored props can be made to suit the theme of your event, making it a truly bespoke experience. The photographer can also capture your event before and after the “booth”.

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