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52 envelopes, 52 to ways to spend quality time together

About A Year of Dates

It all began with a date jar, filled with 72 envelopes with date ideas by founder Kate Greenhalgh husband who tried to make every week that little bit extra special.

A Year of Dates provide 52 sealed envelopes, to be opened one a week, each containing a date idea, some are detailed, others don’t need an explanation, all can be interpreted how you wish.
Some are cheap, others less so, some you can do after work in your pjs, others need more planning. One envelope is empty, you get to have a rest!

Most importantly laugh, kiss, cuddle, make memories and enjoy quality time together!

Where a choice is involved, a dice is provided, the person opening the envelope should roll the dice. The card will tell you whether you are aiming for an odd or even number. If you ‘lose’, the decision making goes to the other person.

The perfect way to say I love you every day.

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