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The UK's first Coupe Stack, exciting champagne glasses for a champagne tower!

About The Coupe Stack

A spectacular, unique coupe stack that will impress your party guests. Simply stand back, pour champagne into the top glass, and wait for the magic to happen!

Coupe Stack was set up by two brothers after finding a picture of their great uncle pouring a bottle of Pol Roger down a carefully balanced set of 8 champagne coupes. A party trick to dazzle guests, it was something the brothers wanted to re-create as a great way to share a celebration with friends.

The Coupe Stack was born. Made from six coupe champagne glasses, carefully designed with a unique ledge on the inside of the glass to ensure they stack perfectly. As you pour the contents of one bottle of champagne, the alcohol will flow perfectly like a fountain for all of your guests to admire.

The perfect fun accessory for any celebration - nothing captures the essence of celebration like a Coupe Stack.

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