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Street theatre alchemists, theatrical engineers and master puppet makers, continuing in the proud and ancient traditions of nomadic Showmen

About Creature Encounter

Creature Encounter have a mission to turn the world on its head, ignite the imagination by achieving the impossible and serve humanity by reinventing the puppet, mask and clown for contemporary audiences.

With a talented team of makers, Creature Encounter fuse special effects artistry and street theatre spectacle to create a Jabberwocky world of roving eccentrica and performance.

Inspired by the belief that street arts are the most accessible, democratic and altruistic of art forms, they deliver an exotic collection of creatures, characters and artistic performances that are truly enchanting and will capture the hearts and minds of all of your guests.

From Jack Frost & The Winter Fairy pushing a musical cart bedecked with shimmering lanterns and housing a mysterious tent, Sir Aurelious and his quest to find and tame Epico the Dragon, to Otto the Otter and Teddy the Fox who wheel a wooden cart through the crowd, laden with ancient magic, props and relics from the greatest fairytales - Creature Encounter have a host of characters that will create the most incredible stories ever to be told.

Creature Encounter

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