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Passionate Srilankan chef sharing her expertise and delicious recipes in intimate cookery classes to bring the taste of Shrllanka into your home

About Cook Sri Lankan

Ayubowan – in Sinhala, means welcome, greetings and I wish you a long and prosperous life. Numi, is a passionate Srilankan chef on a mission to introduce you to the hidden culinary treasures of Sri Lanka.

Her home-based cookery school in South London provides courses that consist of cooking one staple dish, one meat curry dish, and two vegetable curry dishes. She has designed scrumptious original menus which are authentic, simple, and fun to prepare – ideal if you’re a curious cook, you’re a traveller to Sri Lanka, you want to give a foodie friend a great gift experience, or perhaps even if you’re a Sri Lankan who wants to enhance your repertoire of genuine Sri Lankan home-cooked dishes.

Numi was born and raised in Sri Lanka, and with a passion for cooking, her philosophy is all about enlivening the healthy and happy you. Her recipes are full of natural ingredients, bursting with flavour and taste.

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