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Bringing together the UK’s finest flavour experts to provide a modern food and drink emporium

About World of Zing

World of Zing is the UK’s first ‘Contemporary Food & Drink Emporium’.

Founded by Pritesh Mody aims to bring small scale and artisan food and drink to consumers through both an online and retail experience to add a touch of ‘Zing’ to our everyday culinary lives!

The World of Zing gives retails products from a range of aspiring food and drink artisans alongside a range of the finest quality herbs, spices and seasonings.

They sell everything from sauces, marinades, rubs and sweet treats from the most exciting street foodies and independent restaurants to a bespoke range of aged cocktails designed by award-winning bartenders.

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World of Zing
GOF House
42-44 Thomas Road
E14 7BJ.

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  Food and Drink

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