- Tregothnan -In Truro, Cornwall

The most British tea in history!

About Tregothnan

Tregothnan, home to the Boscawen family, a private estate which has persevered in pioneering botanical firsts since 1334. Inspired by a tradition stretching back generations, Tregothan began supplying England’s first and only tea in 2005, creating inimitable Britishness.

As well as growing English tea and a vast range of delicious herbal infusions, a diversity of lands also allows them to produce sustainable coppiced charcoal, Cornish Manuka and wildflower honeys, and a fine and rare Kea plum jam.

Beautifully British flowers from the Tregothnan estate and surrounding lands are cut for a range of hand-tied seasonal English bouquets that can be purchased for someone special or used for events and special occasions.

The ‘Cornishness’ of the ultimate cream tea is also recognised far and wide

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