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The UK's finest Spicery, offering a variety of spices from around the world direct to your door

About The Spicery

The Spicery, founded by James Ransome is a mailbox delivery service providing the finest, freshest and most colourful, fragrant spices, ground in small batches and ready to cook.

From market stalls to mail order, the Spicery offer a variety of spices from around the world. From Black Cardamon, Cinnamon, Juniper, Tamarind to Mac Blades, Kashmiri Saffron and many more with the aim of making these authentic spices accessible to all.

The Spicery also offer a variety of recipe kits to help you create specific menus and meals that will excite and delight the taste buds. From Friday Night Curry Night kits, the Around the World Kitchen kit, the Date Night kit, and many others allowing you to try flavours and tastes from kitchens around the world without leaving your own home.

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The Spicery
77 Feeder Road
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