- The Punch Stop -In Leeds, Yorkshire

Mobile prosecco and cocktail bar with a unique twist!

About The Punch Stop

The Punch Stop is a quirky drinks station that can be completely tailored to your event, them and style.

Set up with a variety of jars, drinks dispensers and props this quirky bar can match any theme and any style. From a vintage pop-up to an outdoor barn bar, a stylish prosseco bar to a mulled win stop, you can literally create anything you want.

You can customise your cocktails and match them to your event’s theme, drink out of a jam jar, tea cup or an old welly! Whatever you decide, as long as it tastes right! It is as easy as Gin and Tonic!

The Punch Stop is run by a team whose love is events, street food, cocktails and creating something that stands out from the norm.

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