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A travelling Gin Garden specialise in creating beautiful seasonal drinks in visually stunning garden environments

About The Gin Garden

The travelling Gin Garden mixes and served Gin from only local distilleries, creating tastes and flavours to complement the botanicals of their unique gin with local herbs, fruits and flowers.

Bringing the garden as well as the gin, the Gin Garden will arrive at your location and blossom your space into a decorative scenic background - transforming any space into a lush oasis, full of seasonal colour and scents.

The Gin Garden can "bring a strip of velvety turf, with a hedge of lilac or red may, or whatever happens to be in season, as a background, one or two cherry trees in blossom, and clumps of heavily-flowered rhododendrons filling in the odd corners; in the foreground you have a blaze of carnations or Shirley poppies, or tiger lilies in full bloom."

Using local, seasonal produce to make beautifully ornate drinks - complementing the character of individual gins with herbs, flowers and honey, your guests will enjoy drinks unique to the area they are created in.

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