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The UK's first Jian Bing and Chinese comfort food served from a funky street food stall

About Mei Mei Street Cart

Founded by Mel and Oli Chinese-American twins born and raised in London, with a shared obsession with cooking, eating and sharing proper Chinese comfort food that is a million light-years away from greasy chow meins and nuclear sweet and sour bits of 'matter', Mei Mei's is on a mission is to change the way Chinese food is eaten in the UK with dishes they grew up eating and can't find easily in restaurants.

Inspired by their Grandma's recipes, Mei Mei's dishes are made using properly sourced local produce to create authentic Beijing Jian Bings and a range of traditional dishes made from scratch at their pop-up diner and supper clubs.

Mei Mei's trade at a number of street food fests in and around London and Manchester, and also cater for private and corporate events, weddings, parties and festivals all year round.

Mei Mei Street Cart
New York Avenue

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