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A unique fusion of traditional Indian foods with British ingredients

About Indian Street Kitchen

A modern version of Indian Street Food, The Indian Street Kitchen serve up fresh, homemade and healthy dishes that are a unique fusion of traditional Indian foods using only the best of British ingredients.

Their unique recipes include The Indian spiced Raan Burger, slow cooked for 6 hours, pulled and smoked free range lamb that has been marinated overnight, served with a green chilli, wasabi, chive, sour cream sauce, along with rocket and onions in a toasted brioche bun. Drool. Or why not try the Tandoori Malai Tikka Taco? Free-range chicken tandoori malai tikkas served on a blue corn (gluten free) taco topped with pickled onions and jalapenos, coriander, garlic sauce and crispy shallots. It is food fit for a Maharajah.

Served from the back of their eye-catching rustic effect turquoise blue van by a friendly and professional team, their mouth-wateringly aromatic food that is filled with flavour, will guaranteed to delight your hungry guests with its exoticness.

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