- Hurd -In Bristol, Somerset

A record club with a difference with a mission to tantalise tastebuds of both music and drinks.

About Hurd

Hurd was set up towards the end of 2016 by Jack and Gabby. After always being fans of discovering new music they decided to take a couple of major steps in their lives. Quitting their jobs to work on something they believed in, the club was launched. The aim of We Are Hurd is to spread the word about unique emerging artists and to provide its members not only with an amazing discovery, but an awesome experience every month.

The best part is, this unique record club is run by its members. You vote on your favourite band, the team press it to vinyl and it’s delivered to you with four craft brews!

Today, every month artists around the UK submit their music to We Are Hurd. The team then curate a shortlist and give the final decision to you, their members. You'll be given a vote each month for who they press to vinyl.

Whichever artist comes top in the member vote gets pressed on a limited edition run of coloured vinyl. The artist gets given 50 copies and their members the rest!

They complete the experience and match the music with four craft beers / ciders. Each month they source from independent producers from around the UK and Europe. They vary in style but the club centres around discovery of both music and flavours

Their boxes are shipped around Europe with our courier. It does require a signature but they want to make sure you get it! The club is a pay monthly basis so you can cancel at any time.

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