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James and James, co-founders of field&flower have a shared passion for farming and love of high-quality meat. Their aim is to produce and sell high-quality, locally-sourced meat, and deliver it to people in the most convenient way possible.

Based on James Flower’s fifth-generation family farm in the heart of the Gordano Valley in Somerset. With generations of farming experience and local knowledge of the best livestock and farming systems in the local area field & flower pride themselves in the quality of meat they offer.

Their cattle have only ever been naturally-reared and the extra step of dry hanging the meat ensures that the beef is tenderised and flavoured to perfection.

Their product range also now includes grass-fed lamb, as well as free-range pork and chicken, plus wild game.

They also sell somerset cheeses, seasonal fresh fish, and a range of field & flower condiments.

If your're looking for farm fresh, quality meat for a BBQ, Steak night or your next dinner party, field&flower have everything you could possibly need.

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