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Bringing people together to enjoy great food and drink in private and unusual spaces

About Disappearing Dining Club

Founded by restaurateur Stuart Langley the Disappearing Dining Club bring people together to enjoy great food and drink in private and unusual spaces.

DCC have organised everything from dinner parties in lighthouses, launderettes, abandoned music venues, inside antiques shops, over a five floor department store, in churches, salvage yards, under railway arches, in photographic studios, on film sets, in galleries, fashion stores, recording studios, private homes, car parks, on beaches, rooftops, in street food markets, gardens, and countless warehouses of all shape and size.

DDC believe in quality, seasonal ingredients and good cooking, serving elegant but unfussy dishes for people to enjoy.

Stuart Langley launched DDC after 15 years of running bars, restaurants and members clubs in London and overseas. Stuart was joined in 2011 by Head Chef Fredrik Bolin and together opened Back in 5 Minutes in June 2012.

Disappearing Dining Club have been using their dinner parties to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust since 2013. The money raised by DDC will help fund and build specialist units in NHS hospitals and provide dedicated staff, bringing young people together so they can be treated by teenage cancer experts in the best place for them.

Disappearing Dining Club
24-26 Newbury Street

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