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Handmade bacon delivered direct to your door

About Cure & Simple

Love bacon and looking for high quality cuts fresh from farm to your door? Cure & Simple is the bacon subscription service

Cure & Simple provide bacon from pigs that live their entire lives in the great outdoors of the Suffolk countryside. They have a natural balanced diet and the very highest welfare standards, giving you the peace of mind that when you choose to order from Cure & Simple your bacon comes from happy, healthy, British pigs.

Whether you are mad about bacon or wanting to treat yourself once a month, the team at Cure & Simple have created a plan for you. There are no contracts or commitment and the best thing about Cure & Simple is their convenience, reliability and affordability. With a simple Royal Mail 1st Class stamp, Cure & Simple will get your bacon to your door, and simply drop it through the letterbox so you don't even have to be at home.

And don't worry it stays completely fresh as all of their bacon is vacuum packed and inserted into unique Cure & Simple branded envelopes, which in turn is placed into an insulated envelope.

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Cure & Simple
The Old Tractor Shed
Great Hormead
SG9 0NZ.

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