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The original Prosecco van by bubble Bros!

About Bubble Bros

The Bubble bros Prosecco van is a 3-wheeled Piaggio Ape that has been lovingly converted into a sparkling wine bar and Prosecco wagon with bubbly served by the barrel to bring something completely unique to your day!

The Ape’s compact size means it can fit into most event spaces, making it perfect for garden parties and weddings, as well as large festivals and shows.

The bar serves flash-cooled Glera Frizzante on tap, so no need to pre-chill hundreds of bottles or cumbersome refrigeration units and dozens of ice buckets.

Each barrel containing 160 glasses. The special layout of the bar means that guests can either be served by a member of our staff, or help themselves to a glass without wasting a drop. Bubble Bros can also supply Frizzenti Prosecco by the bottle.

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