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Cocktail counselling and menu creation

About Salts of The Earth

Founded by Chris Edwards and Dave Tregenza, Salts of the Earth specialise in what they describe as ‘cocktail counselling and menu creation’ meaning that the team will work with you to create a selection of incredibly imaginative concoctions are that are presented in a truly unique way for your next events.

Whether it be savoury flavours or sugary favours, classic twists or dry ice mists, nothing is beyond the imagination and capability of Old London Town’s true innovators.

Their styling is truly show-stopping and their cocktails taste just as good. If you want to taste test some of their creations then you can visit to their acclaimed bar, The Shrub and Shutter in Brixton.

These creative cocktail gurus have popped-up everywhere, from market stalls to black tie balls, putting the ‘pop’ in ‘popular’ along the way and would be the perfect addition to your next soiree.

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